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Sammy Sosa wants Cubs to win World Series despite strained relationship: TMZ

Sammy Sosa told TMZ that he's still a Cubs fan despite his broken relationship with the team and its ownership. | Darren Hauck/Associated Press

Sammy Sosa is seemingly still a Cubs fan despite having a strained relationship with his former team’s ownership.

Earlier this week, Sosa hinted he still follows the Cubs and told TMZ he hopes they can add another ring to their collection next season.

“Chicago, they’ve been playing for the last few years very, very nice,” Sosa said when asked his thought on the team trading Tommy La Stella. “So I have to give that to Chicago, and I hope they continue to play like that and I hope next year they can go to the World Series.”

Sosa has made it clear that he wants to be part of the Cubs’ family, but the feeling hasn’t been mutual.

In 2017, Sosa told blogger and former Cubs front-office official Chuck Wasserstrom that he’d love to return to Wrigley Field but is too prideful to ask for an invite.

Cubs chairman Tom Ricketts said earlier this year at Cubs Convention Sosa owes him and the fans “a little bit of honesty” if he wishes to be welcomed back to the organization. In short, Ricketts wants the franchise’s all-time home-run leader to put everything on the table regarding his alleged use of performance-enhancing drugs, a stance Ricketts has maintained since the issue first arose.

Sosa, who spent 13 of his 18 major-league seasons with the Cubs, has always denied using steroids, despite reports that he failed a drug test in 2003.