Erica Pursell went the distance Sunday in winning the women’s side of the Section 3 sectional of the 55th Beat the Champions. The UIC graduate student totaled 726 with 62 pins of handicap at Habetler Bowl on Chicago’s Northwest Side.

[UPDATED: CPBA reassessed handicap on Monday and shifted the top three men’s spots.]

[ADDED] Arthur Harris out of Skyway won the men’s side with a scratch 754.

Patrick Wallace won finished third with a 767738, which included 99 70 pins of handicap.

Handicap in BTC is 90 percent of the difference league average is under 210.

“Honestly, this is the first time I tried this ball in Illinois,’’ said Pursell, who came from Tuscon, Ariz. to study bio-engineering. “I tried to keep ahead by adjusting with the ball.’’

Pursell, who was one of three women to advance from Habetler, adjusted fine with steady games of 214, 237 and 213.

Wallace, a general expeditor for the United State Postal Service at O’Hare, opened strong with a 251 and a 247, before dropping to a 170.

“I threw it down and in,’’ said Wallace, one of three men to advance from Skyway Bowl. “I guess I relaxed a little too much in the last game.’’

Chicagoan Arthur Harris finished second with a 754 and was the only scratch bowler to advance to the finals. Other men advancing were William Nance, a retired teacher from Chicago, and William Hill, an engineer for Riverview Realty.

In the finals, the car is again the top prize for both the women (Lan-Oak Lanes, March 6) and men (Elk Grove Bowl, March 13). This year it’s a Ford Focus from the Chicagoland Ford Dealers.

Emily Hughes, 19, is the youngest to advance so far this year in BTC. The Wadsworth woman bowled in high school for Warren.

Other women advancing were Vanessa Quinones, a dental assistant from Elmwood Park, Wilhelmia Brown, an administrative assistant for Goodwill Industries, and Earlean Henry.

The final number that matters is the more than $2.7 million raised by more than 5.7 million entries from league bowlers in the first 54 years the Sun-Times and the Chicagoland Bowling Proprietors Association cosponsored BTC.

* * *

Section 3 Sectional

Habetler Bowl, Chicago

Sunday’s Results

(Top five women and four men advance, pending verification)


Bowler, center G1-G2-G3-HDC–TOT

Erica Pursell, Habetler 214-237-213-62–726

Emily Hughes, Habetler 156-222-208-118–704

Vanessa Quinones, Habetler 182-248-185-83–698

Wilhelmia Brown, Skyway 236-202-200-59–697

Earlean Henry, Bluebird 167-163-187-178–695

Adrian Turner, Bluebird 212-178-183-121–694

Anastasia Marchiori, Habetler 205-204-226-56–691

Evel King, Bluebird 175-141-213-159–688

Fallon Willis, Bluebird  190-235-188-75–688

Cathy Matthews, Skyway 182-192-219-94–687

Stacie Debacker, Habetler 177-166-188-145–676

Kacey Brophy, Lawn 137-133-155-243–668

Elisa Campos, Diversey River 130-152-167-210–659

Michelle Plant, Skyway 214-224-201-8–647

Sylvia Rivera, Habetler 136-141-121-240–638

Cynthia Culbertson, Bluebird 159-104-162-207–637

Sharon Madison, Bluebird 163-165-174-135–637

Jennifer Villanueva, Habetler 149-148-154-183–634

Brenda Bodunde, Skyway 188-169-202-75–634

Ricky Weaver, Lawn 128-166-114-226–634

Monique Patton, Premium 134-161-145-191–631

Nicole Pacheco, Waveland 183-185-220-40–628

Michelle Robinson, Bluebird 175-147-134-172–628

Olga Perez, Lawn 170-148-140-167–625

Chyna Edwards, Skyway 164-141-187-124–616

Gloria Laury, Premium 164-147-146-159–616

Martha Carpenti, Habetler 107-162-119-226–614

Maria Bohacsik, Diversey River 154-120-161-178–613

Joe An Wise, Skyway 103-123-139-243–608

Carrie Purdiman, Bluebird 122-122-139-221–604

Carmen Ulloa, Diversey River 157-153-135-153–598

Dartha Hoskins, Skyway 159-154-140-143–596

Barbara Mitchell, Skyway 157-127-152-159–595

Maria Moncada, Habetler 101-150-125-216–592

Tevis Rosemond, Bluebird 136-201-185-70-592

Lucine Buchta, Lawn 167-149-151-124–591

Lisa Holloway, Bluebird 134-183-201-70–588

Tessa BeltranWaveland 169-187-179-45–580

Mary Carrington, Skyway 140-168-119-153–580

Julia Pointdexter, Skyway 176-139-147-118–580

Sue Smietana, Habetler 97-168-146-172–583

Shelly Quinn, Bluebird 76-126-123-243–568

Mary Jones, Skyway 102-120-110-234–566

Saida Matos, Habetler Bowl 120-114-124-199–557

Vanessa Pitts, Lawn 139-128-123-148–538

Rochelle Sims, Skyway 110-90-124-194–518


UPDATED Arthur Harris, Skyway 228-247-279-0–754

UPDATED William Nance, Skyway 198-225-214-102–739

UPDATED Patrick Wallace, Skyway 251-247-170-70–738

William Hill, Bluebird 233-245-671-51–722

Thomas Doherty, Habetler 204-172-173-162–711

Chad Madison, Lawn 243-172-180-113–708

Bill Murry, Skyway 138-187-214-151–690

Danny Truong, Habetler 167-189-208-116–680

Theodore Smith, Skyway 191-176-221-91–679

Andrew Price, Habetler 197-236-245-0–678

Rich Mcgill, Waveland 225-246-206-0–677

Andy Detlove, Habetler 221-179-245-29–674

Eddie Valentino, Habetler 194-195-203-78–670

Eric Schweda, Habetler 182-223-209-51–665

Milton Turnage, Skyway 191-201-234-37–663

Kevin Young, Bluebird 180-228-253-0–661

Butch Gladstone, Bluebird 180-207-244-27–658

Scot Norris, Waveland 194-214-233-16–657

Winston Hall, Bluebird 193-189-159-113–654

Darnell Miller, Premium 205-226-159-64–654

Ronald Southern, Bluebird  187-205-184-75–651

Stanley Griffith, Skyway 183-224-191-51–649

Weston Parker, Diversey River 169-159-192-129–649

Walter Ricks, Skyway 181-148-180-140–649

Raymond Bitos, Bluebird 245-179-183-40–647

Thomas Sheehy, Habetler 194-211-148-94–647

John Franklin, Bluebird 147-228-138-132–645

Lionel Keys, Skyway 158-178-164-143–643

Tony Stegich, Habetler 166-159-167-151–643

Wayne Kroll, Lawn 160-157-130-189–636

Reid Garcia, Habetler 191-277-165-0–633

Mark Carson, Skyway 151-209-216-54–630

Myles Spears, Skyway 158-142-195-132–627

Morris Richardson, Bluebird 236-177-213-0–626

Angelo Keske, Habetler 177-221-225-0–623

Jessie Rosado, Lawn 245-180-193-5–623

George Fletcher Jr, Bluebird 190-175-200-51–616

Shannon Southern, Premium 170-186-186-67–609

Jack Lapinski, Lawn 150-163-137-153–603

Mark Alesia, Habetler 224-150-225-0–599

Leon Cooks, Skyway 172-180-195-51–598

Keavith Pitts, Lawn 169-208-136-83–596

Ken Pencak, Lawn 116-169-142-167–594

Scott Szczurek, Habetler 135-142-124-189–590

Dion Coy, Premium 175-204-202-0–581

Renaldo Drisdel, Diversey River 186-146-122-116–570

Steve Schaefer, Bluebird 183-135-204-45–567

Phil Hinkes, Habetler 192-159-170-43–564

Herman Dickens, Skyway 183-131-200-45–559

Arthur Branch, Skyway 169-133-175-70-547

Greg Skweres, Habetler 199-156-178-0–533

Harold Reddick, Skyway 145-159-154-91–458