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Shaquille O’Neal celebrates 46th birthday with pedicure for his scary feet

It’s Shaquille O’Neal’s 46th birthday, and that means it’s time to celebrate. How did one of the greatest players in NBA history enjoy his special day? A pedicure and some pretty blue polish for his toenails, of course.

O’Neal has some seriously massive feet, so it’s fair to say that whoever was working at the salon had their work cut out for them. Nearly a year ago, the former Lakers superstar posted a video of him getting a pedicure from a woman who’s hands were dwarfed by his feet, so this isn’t the first time he’s experienced the joy of the #MANNYPEDDY, as he calls it.

Last time around, O’Neal went with a sparkly silver nail polish, but he kept it classic with the blue this time around. His feet may look a tad wonky otherwise — that’ll happen when you carry around over 300 pounds as a professional athlete for decades — but at least he’s given them a fresh coat of paint.