The local show of note is the Fish & Hook Sports Show on Saturday; the last big show around the broader area is the Ultimate Sports Show in Grand Rapids, Mich.

Both of these shows tend to be on this weekend and it is a weekend I am always gone on a trip, so I have never been to the Fish & Hook show, but hear many good things about it. I am always in Michigan this weekend and have been often tempted to poke my head in at the Ultimate Sports Show, but have not yet.


Click here for the complete list of shows, swap meets and major seminars/classes for this winter around Chicago outdoors. Otherwise, below are individual show details for this week.

Ultimate Sports Show: DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, Mich., through Sunday, March 19, click here for info

Fish & Hook Sports Show: American Legion Post 13, Downers Grove, Saturday, March 18, click here for info

Fishing School (basics for beginners/novices on trolling salmon and trout in spring): Lake Michigan Angler, Winthrop Harbor, Saturday, March 18, (224) 789-7627