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Super Bowl LIII predictions: Rams vs. Patriots in Atlanta

The Patriots' Tom Brady warms up during Super Bowl LIII practice at Georgia Tech Brock Practice Facility on Wednesday. | Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Sun-Times’ experts offer their picks for Super Bowl LIII between the Rams and Patriots in Atlanta:


Patriots, 31-27

The Patriots are easy to hate, but reason needs to override emotion here. Bill Belichick will coach enough to overcome whatever the Rams offer, and Tom Brady will quarterback enough to make everyone forget that he’s 41. Legends — and hatred — will only grow larger.  Season: 10-7.


Patriots, 28-24

Yes, Brady ages by the day. But so does Belichick, and he only seems to get craftier, darker, perhaps more devious.  So watch this alleged decline of an empire, and be afraid for the sunny Rams.  Darth Vader stalks onward. Season: 11-6.


Patriots, 31-30

The Rams will play well but still not well enough to defeat Brady and Belichick. The Patriots’ dynasty continues. Season: 10-7.


Rams, 24-20

Lost in the drama of the Rams’ pass interference non-call in the NFC championship was this mystery: Todd Gurley ran four times for 10 yards and caught one pass for 3 yards. He’s gotta be better on Sunday, right? If he is, the Rams pull the upset. Season: 11-6.


Patriots, 28-24

The Rams have the ingredients the Eagles used to beat the Patriots last year. But unless Belichick mysteriously benches one of his best defenders — as he did with cornerback Malcolm Butler last year — the Patriots will do a better job of containing the Rams in this one. Season: 11-6.