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The MLB Twitter account has a creepy crush on Kris Bryant

Kris Bryant’s future with the Cubs is pretty sunny. Not only is the newly crowned NL Rookie of the Year a centerpiece in a young and exciting Cubs team, but he’s on his way to becoming one of the most marketable players in the league.

The 23-year-old is talented, humble and attractive. That last fact clearly wasn’t wasted on the MLB Twitter account. After Bryant was named the ROY Monday night, the official MLB account tweeted out this not-so-subtle swoon over Bryant.

Bryant’s looks are far from a new revelation. It’s one of the reasons Bryant had billboards outside of Wrigley Field before he even made the big leagues. But it seems a little strange for the league to comment on his looks moments after Bryant won the big award.

Ironically enough, recent statements like the one from MLB that are normally reserved for female athletes are now sarcastically asking for male athletes to be asked the same things. Of course, the point of that was to get reporters to stop asking female athletes about their looks. Maybe the MLB missed that part.