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The Score’s Dan Bernstein under fire for sexist comments

Dan Bernstein, the co-host of 670 The Score’s “Boers and Bernstein Show” came under fire late Wednesday night for a series of sexist social media comments.

Bernstein fired off a series of tweets about Comcast SportsNet Chicago host Aiyana Cristal, reducing her work to nothing but her body.

A rash of angry responses soon followed on Twitter, and Bernstein apologized on-air at 1 p.m. Thursday.

“I’m an idiot,” Bernstein said. “There are certain times where you can be childish and crass and other times where it’s just really stupid to be a child. My tweet was childish. My tweet was crass and unnecessary and I’m sorry I dragged an innocent person into it who is doing a job. I made an observation I shouldn’t have made and it was childish and silly and stupid.”

Bernstein said he will not delete the offensive tweets because he does not want to pretend like it never happened.

“I own it,” Bernstein said, “and I wish I would have had a second thought about sending it. And I’m learning my lesson about what is appropriate, what is inappropriate to say and I feel bad about it.”

The Score colleague Matt Spiegel, who co-hosts the mid-day show, apologized Thursday morning for his part in the exchange.

For those who regularly listen to Bernstein’s afternoon show, the tweets may not be surprising. But Bernstein usually stands on the moral high ground, criticizing Penn State in the wake of the Jerry Sandusky scandal and, more recently, scolding the Bears for signing controversial lineman Ray McDonald.

His comments about a woman in his field Wednesday, though, were anywhere but the moral high ground.

Bernstein has been in the news before, once mocking late Cubs legend Ron Santo for being a double amputee.

“The Boers and Bernstein Show” cracked the top 10 in the afternoon ratings for the first time earlier this year.

We’ve reached out to The Score for comment.