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Could Kareem Hunt make it back to NFL? Jason Whitlock thinks so

Matt Nagy coached Kareem Hunt last year in Kansas City. | Eric Christian Smith/AP photo

Jason Whitlock believes Kareem Hunt, who was cut last week from the Kansas City Chiefs after TMZ released a video of the outcasted running back assaulting a woman in a Cleveland hotel, could once again play in the NFL.

Talking to TMZ, Whitlock made an argument as to why Hunt, who has allegedly been involved in three acts of violence over the last year, should get another crack at the NFL.

“If he goes out and makes an earnest attempt to get the proper help, and continues to stay humble and contrite, makes amends with the victim — yeah, I think he gets another shot in the NFL,” said Whitlock, a co-host of FS1’s “Speak for Yourself.”

Hunt, who cleared waivers on Monday, is on the commissioner’s exempt list and awaiting a suspension.

After serving a suspension, Whitlock said he wouldn’t “object” to Hunt getting another opportunity.

With the NFL receiving backlash for mishandling Hunt’s case, Whitlock said the league is held to an “unfair” standard when it comes to policing domestic violence. He also added that it shouldn’t be the NFL’s responsibility.

“We’re holding the NFL to a standard that I think is unfair,” Whitlock said. “We keep beating up the NFL, ‘They don’t understand how to deal with domestic violence,’ but the police don’t either.”