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Truth revealed: Ex-White Sox IF Todd Frazier admits he fooled ump with fake ball

Todd Frazier fooled umpires with a fan's rubber ball. | Elsa/Getty Images

Former White Sox infielder Todd Frazier admitted Wednesday to tricking an umpire into believing the Mets third baseman made a catch he didn’t make.

During Monday’s Mets game, Frazier dove into the crowd near the third base line at Dodgers Stadium to catch a foul ball off outfielder Alex Verdugo’s bat. As he fell to the ground, Frazier lost sight of the real baseball and ended up grabbing a fan’s rubber one by mistake. It wasn’t until after third base umpire Mark Wegner called the out Frazier realized what had happened. He quickly disposed of the evidence by tossing the ball back into the crowd.

“It is Hollywood,” Frazier told ESPN on Wednesday. “Sometimes you’ve got to act out a little bit.”

SportsNet New York was the first to report Frazier’s illusion. As the video shows, Frazier actually grabbed a fan’s ball that was sitting on the ledge. After the fact, a fan tried to spoil Frazier’s play by showing Wegner the real ball. However, the fan’s attempt came up short.

Frazier was later seen during the broadcast telling his teammates in the dugout what had happened.

“I was trying to get out of there as quick as possible,” Frazier said. “I saw someone pointing at the right ball and I was like, ‘All right, I’m just going to have to play this off.’ I got in the dugout and was telling people I was flabbergasted that I even got away with it.”

The Mets went on to beat the Dodgers, 4-2.