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Tom Thibodeau coaching James Harden and Dwight Howard? A deliciously bad idea

I’m a fan of Chris Mannix’s work in Sports Illustrated, and he’s about the only person I can tolerate filling in as host when Dan Patrick takes time off from his TV show.

But when Mannix started making a case in SI for Tom Thibodeau as the Rockets’ next coach, I would have stopped him at this sentence: “Yes, there will be questions about how Thibs’ style fits with James Harden and Dwight Howard.’’

Not just questions, but warning signs, great big flares firing into the night, telling all involved not to make the deal happen. The thought of Thibodeau, the single-minded former Bulls coach, trying to tell Harden to get back on defense after one of those wild, length-of-the-court drives is a humorous one. The thought of Thibs trying to get Dwight Howard to think about anything other than his brand is another good one.

I’m not saying the Rockets won’t hire Thibodeau. I’m saying it ultimately would end in bloodshed if they did. In other words, where can I buy a TV package for Rockets games?