For most baseball players the offseason is about relaxation and recovery — a time to let the body heal from the 162-game grind. But best intentions sometimes get derailed.

Such was the case for former Cubs pitcher Travis Wood.

When Wood reported to Spring Training with the Detroit Tigers on Wednesday, he was sporting a splint on the index finger of his right hand, the non-pitching hand. Apparently, Wood seriously injured the finger during a hunting accident about a month ago.

From SB Nation:

About a month prior to spring training, Wood was preparing to go bow hunting, when a mishap with the crossbow he was using nearly caused the index finger on his non-pitching hand to be cut off.

The 30-year-old pitcher who won a World Series ring with the Cubs in 2016, was able to joke about the serious accident with reporters.

After leaving the Cubs, Wood struggled last season with the Royals and Padres, going 4-7 with a career-high 5.90 ERA.