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Trump-supporting boxer wearing ‘America 1st’ trunks beaten by Mexican fighter

The top of Rod Salka’s trunks had “AMERICA 1ST” written on them, and they were patterned like a brick wall.

The discourse seen in American politics played out in a violent way when a boxer wearing “America 1st” trunks — complete with a wall pattern — was defeated by a Mexican fighter on Thursday at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California.

Francisco Vargas seemed to “stick to sports” in a way that Trump supporters wouldn’t approve of when his opponent Rod Salka quit while sitting on his stool in the 6th round.

Salka’s trunks were inspired by a campaign promise for then-presidential candidate Donald Trump, who said he would build a wall at the United States-Mexico border in order to curb illegal immigration.

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Social media pointed out the irony of Salka’s defeat.

Vargas, who represented Mexico in the 2008 Olympic games, told ESPN Deportes that he was shocked by the trunks.

“I was surprised when (Salka) was coming to the ring. I saw him dressed with a wall on his clothes, but I kept calm. I was focused on making my fight and on my plan,” Vargas said to ESPN Deportes.

“Once we were already in the ring, the wall was an extra ingredient [for my motivation to win], so I gave it everything. Whatever it is, I represent Mexico and I feel that wall is against all my countrymen.”

In 2016, Salka ran as a Republican in the Pennsylvania 38th House District race. He received 36 percent of the vote.