What started as a direct message on Twitter turned into something special for a top-MLB prospect and reality star. That’s how White Sox prospect Michael Kopech and his girlfriend Brielle Biermann’s relationship started, although it wasn’t as simple as what you may have imagined.

“I DM’d her and she DM’d me back and then ignored me for two months,” Kopech laughed. “And then she finally gave me a shot.”

The 20-year-old Don’t Be Tardy star defended her actions.

“I don’t trust athletes. You know my dad is an athlete, so I know all about how athletes are,” said Biermann, daughter of former Falcons outside linebacker Kroy Biermann. “It took me awhile, but I’m glad I finally came around.”

And it only took Biermann five months of dating to hint that Kopech might be “the one.”

“If he proposed to me tomorrow, I’d say yes,” she told Entertainment Tonight last year in October. “We can get engaged soon … [The wedding] can come later, but I’ll be engaged forever with the nice ring but everything else can wait.”

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The couple, who have been together for nearly one-and-a-half years, visited Guaranteed Rate Field together. It was both of their first time visiting the South Side ballpark and Kopech, 21, said it “means the world” to him that she was by his side.

Biermann also gave the South Side stadium the nod, saying it was one of her favorite ballpark she’s ever been to. Granted, this was only her second Major League Baseball field she’s visited.

With Kopech a rising star in the baseball world and Biermann a strong force in the social media realm, the two don’t necessarily have a “normal 20-year-old couple’s” relationship, as Biermann put it.

Whenever the two go out together, Biermann said someone always recognizes at least both of them. She also said the two sometimes like to stay indoors together.

“We’re so boring. We go out to eat sushi and that’s about it,” Biermann said. “And then we’ll come home and find some new show on Netflix to watch.”

She added that the couple recently finished Ozarks and they’ve watched Prison Break and Breaking Bad together.


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But life in the fast lane comes with its downfalls, and Kopech found that out the hard way in July.

Kopech was auctioning off his game used glove for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. But due to false bids and people backing out, Kopech had to end the auction.

It really hurt him. He was really upset about it,” Biermann said. 

The dynamic duo decided to pay a total of $11,600 of their own money to the foundation.

“I think with Michael in this situation was definitely a learning lesson,” Biermann said. “I told him, ‘Maybe next time, let’s not trust people who DM us.'”

Luckily, Biermann didn’t take her own advice.

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