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United Center reveals new scoreboard for 2019-20 season for Bulls, Blackhawks

The United Center will feature a new drop-down scoreboard in the middle of the arena for the upcoming Blackhawks and Bulls season, and the teams released a computer rendering of it this morning.

The scoreboard will be the largest for any arena that hosts an NBA and NHL team, with 8,600 square feet of displays. That’s almost four times the video display area of the current scoreboard.

It is customizable for basketball and hockey games, as well as concerts and other events. The scoreboard will have six moveable panels.

“Fans will be blown away by the remarkable scale and unique capabilities leading to a truly captivating in-game experience,” said Sergio Lozano, the United Center’s senior director of scoreboard operations, in a press release.

The new scoreboard will be in place for the Bulls' and Blackhawks' 2019-20 season. | United Center

Here’s a comparison of the size difference between the current one and the new one:

The current United Center scoreboard is on the left, and the new one is on the right. | United Center

The United Center will also get a new sound system that it says will provide, “more balanced, seamless and powerful audio to fans and visitors of all events.”

Here’s a video that shows every angle of it: