VIDEO: Ortiz, Rizzo discuss Maddon and Cubs World Series

Red Sox legend David Ortiz and first baseman Anthony Rizzo sat down on the Players’ Tribune and discussed manager Joe Maddon, the 2016 World Series and Big Papi joining the Cubs.

The two started by talking about batting against on of the best pitchers in baseball. Rizzo didn’t sell Indians ace Corey Kluber short when talking about how difficult it was to face him three times in the World Series. Rizzo said his former teammate Dexter Fowler hated batting off of Kluber.

“We kept saying to each other, ‘It doesn’t matter if he’s the best. We have to be better,'” Rizzo said.

The two also talked about Maddon and his coaching style.

David Ortiz jokes with Anthony Rizzo that he is joining the Cubs. | The Players' Tribune/YouTube

“He does it all,” Rizzo said. “He’s the reason why in 2015 we took a team that was just full of talent, and just put us together.”

The two ended the nearly three-minute video by joking about Ortiz joining the Cubs.

Ortiz started it by wishing he could’ve played for Maddon. Rizzo responded by offering him his spot on the diamond.

“I mean, I’m sure if you want to come to the National League and, play first, I’ll pinch hit, maybe you’ll pinch hit a little bit,” Rizzo said.

Ortiz laughed and said: “No, you guys are trying to win a championship. Let’s keep it that way.”

Watch the full “Legends at the Grill” segment below:

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