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Watch 11 adorable puppies predict who will win Super Bowl LII

Jimmy Kimmel had puppies predict the Super Bowl, and it was adorable. | Courtesy of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon/YouTube

Who needs science and statisticians when you have 11 adorable puppies to determine who is more likely to win the Super Bowl?

While statisticians are hard at work running the numbers to determine which team has better odds to win Super Bowl LII in Minneapolis, Jimmy Fallon turned to puppies to predict who will take home the crown Sunday.

Fallon put Eagles and Patriots food dishes at the end of a ramp, and let his puppies run wild.  Basically, the idea is that the bowl that attracts the most dogs is the team that will win the Super Bowl.

Well, the puppies have spoken — or eaten — and according to this experiment, the Patriots are more likely to win.

It’s worth noting that last year Fallon’s puppies selected the Falcons to win the Super Bowl, and that didn’t happen. This is just a meaningless experiment that gives you an excuse to watch adorable puppies run down a ramp and eat food.

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