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Super Bowl 2019: Watch 3 Bears greats in the NFL’s 2-minute Super Bowl ad

ATLANTA — After a ho-hum first half, the NFL’s 100th anniversary commercial received one of the loudest cheers from the crowd.

The two-minute ad aired on TV and inside the stadium before Maroon 5’s halftime show. The commercial shows commissioner Roger Goodell hosting a banquet, filled with the greatest players in the history of the sport, to celebrate the NFL’s 100th season next year.

It turns into a football game, starting when running back Marshawn Lynch knocks a golden football off a cake. That’s when the former Bears come in.

Former linebacker Mike Singletary takes off his glasses and yells, “Fumble!” to start a scrum. Later, former cornerback Deion Sanders intercepts a pass and starts his trademark showboat dance, only to be tackled into a dining table by former linebacker Brian Urlacher.

Later, when Broncos linebacker Von Miller tackles former tight end Tony Gonzalez into a cake, the camera pans to former linebacker Dick Butkus.

“Not the cake!” Butkus screams.

The video had more than a million views on the NFL’s Twitter account by halftime.