Watch LeBron James get heated after Bulls fan trolls him

LeBron James had some choice words for a Bulls fan trying to taunt him. | Tony Dejak/Associated Press

LeBron James won both on and off the court Monday at the United Center.

During the Bulls’ 113-91 loss to the Cavaliers on Monday, a Bulls fan sitting courtside decided to troll James while he was on the bench, and it didn’t end well for the fan.

“Where’s your hairline at?” the fan is heard taunting James during a 30-second video shared on Twitter. “Shut up, and stop crying.”

James appeared heated by the heckling fan and responded. Although it was inaudible in the video, whatever he said made his teammates Jae Crowder and Kevin Love laugh.

The fan didn’t back down and continued to throw jabs at James about Kyrie Irving and Derrick Rose leaving the team.

James clapped back with a solid rebuttal.

“I hope that ain’t your girl next to you because she’s filming me, bum,” James said.

The video abruptly ended after James’ one liner.

The fan learned an important lesson that night: If you mess with the King, be prepared because he’ll dish it right back.

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