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White Sox get another chance to make amends

The part of me that likes to watch experiments was happy the White Sox didn’t make a trade at the deadline.

After seeing the up-and-down Sox win seven of their last eight games heading into Friday’s action, I wanted to see whether the team as constructed could keep it up. Call me a sucker.

The Sox didn’t acquire anyone, and they didn’t deal pitcher Jeff Samardzija, the subject of trade rumors for about 28 of his 30 years on the planet. Good. This underachieving group of players now gets the chance to prove that it can be something like the team that was supposed to be a contender.

They are teasers, and they have fooled me before this season. I won’t be surprised if they fool me again.

Nonetheless, I look forward to seeing what happens next. Pass the popcorn and the antacid.