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Wisconsin’s Kaminsky, Hayes, Dekker awed by magical stenographer

Frank Kaminsky, Sam Dekker and Nigel Hayes had wrapped up their post-game press conference after leading top-seeded Wisconsin to a victory over Coastal Carolina on Friday night, exiting down the stairs from the stage. Then, with the interview room lights turned down and nearly deserted, the three came bouncing back through the curtains and posted up right behind the stenographer.

Like a trio of schoolchildren, they started peppering the woman responsible for transcribing their quotes with questions about how stenography works. Then, they started punching the keys on her machine to see what they would produce.

“Whoa!” yelled Hayes, when his name popped up on the screen. “You got me!”

Even coach Bo Ryan ducked back through the curtains to get the low-down on the stenography trade before ushering his boys back to the locker room.

Who says the “student” part of “student-athlete” no longer exists?

This is how you press conference:

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