Tackle Cancer

Chicago Sun-Times and AARP are joining forces with Bears alum Marcus Robinson to support The American Cancer Society.

After a skin-cancer scare, Ryan Gruenenfelder advises everyone to check for changes.
Tracy Reed and Alex Echols hope to provide inspiration to those fighting cancer.
One cancer survivor, another battling it keep busy, work to raise funds for research.
After husband Robert’s death, Teresa Jones aims to ease other families’ pain.
Four years after Terry’s death, Pat is still inspired by his father’s strength and perseverance.
A blood test Oct. 1, 2014, showed Carter had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. The next three and a half years would be spent in and out of the hospital.
During the summer of 2017, she was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma at 7 years old.
An unlikely hospital visit revealed Kenyon Caldwell’s cancer at 14. Now, he aims to get back on the playing field.