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Fan injured by foul ball at White Sox game

A woman struck by a foul ball at Guaranteed Rate Field was taken to a hospital for observation.

AP photo.

A woman fan struck by a foul ball off the bat of White Sox’ outfielder Eloy Jimenez at Guaranteed Rate Field Monday night was taken to a hospital for observation and is communicative, a Sox spokesperson said.

Jimenez hit a hard liner into the stands in the fourth inning just beyond the Sox dugout on the third base side. The woman was sitting several rows from the field.

She was bleeding around the head area, and was covered with a towel. She walked up toward the concourse with assistance of stadium personnel.

Jimenez put his hands on his helmet after seeing the ball go into the stands. Protective netting at Guaranteed Rate Field extends to the end of the dugouts.

The incident comes amid an ongoing discussion in baseball as to whether netting in MLB ballparks should be expanded. Several players from the Sox said a couple weeks ago that they’d be in favor of more netting.

‘‘MLB has taken a few steps in the right direction extending the netting, but, honestly, it can go all the way down to the pole and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings at all,’’ Sox right-hander Evan Marshall said before the game Thursday against the Indians. ‘‘There’s not a player in here that wouldn’t be in favor of that.’’

Sox designated hitter Yonder Alonso had similar feelings: ‘‘I’m a big believer in nets all around.”