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Three All-Stars another positive sign for White Sox

To nobody’s surprise, Lucas Giolito officially was named an American League All-Star on Sunday. He’ll be joined in Cleveland by Jose Abreu and James McCann.

Lucas Giolito was one of three White Sox players named to the American League all-star team.

Unsurprisingly, White Sox right-hander Lucas Giolito officially was named an American League All-Star. That Giolito is going with two teammates next week to Cleveland is another positive sign for the Sox.

On Sunday, Giolito, first baseman Jose Abreu and catcher James McCann were named All-Stars. Giolito and McCann were honored for the first time and Abreu for the third.

‘‘That says that we’re doing a good job, that we’re working in the right direction, that we’re pushing hard to try to become a better team,’’ Abreu said through a translator. ‘‘The record right now is [39-42], and that speaks good about us.

‘‘We are getting better, and we’re very, very close to being a good team and a team that can be in the playoffs and be considered one of the teams to win a championship.’’

Abreu leads the Sox with 19 home runs. McCann is having a career year, hitting .319 with nine homers and drawing plaudits for his catching.

McCann said it was a ‘‘special day’’ to see three Sox named All-Stars and mentioned how shortstop Tim Anderson, third baseman Yoan Moncada and closer Alex Colome also deserved consideration.

‘‘That’s a good sign for the organization, seeing the amount of guys as candidates to be able to go to the All-Star Game,’’ McCann said. ‘‘You’re going to see guys like [Anderson] and Moncada in the All-Star Game in the near future.’’

Manager Rick Renteria agreed.

‘‘We’re very, very proud of all three of those young men,’’ Renteria said of the All-Stars. ‘‘No matter how you look at it, they are individual accolades, and it requires a lot of help from their teammates. But right now, they stand alone as three of the best in the club.’’