White Sox broadcaster Ken “Hawk” Harrelson wants basketball superstar LeBron James to stay out of the political arena.

During Sunday’s game between the White Sox and Red Sox, Harrelson, who is in his last season as a broadcaster for the team, made his feelings known regarding the actions of the athlete most known for activism outside of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“Well I used to watch LeBron [James] but no more. I wish these guys would keep their nose out of politics and just play because people didn’t come to hear their opinions on politicians,” Harrelson said as he was calling a game on a day the White Sox dubbed “Hawk Day.”

The footage of Harrelson’s sidebar was first reported by Sports Mockery.

Harrelson has a history of not sticking to baseball during White Sox broadcasts.

During a game last season, while his broadcast partner Steve Stone made a comment saying that too much information can be a burden for ballplayers, Harrelson claimed it was true “especially [of] Latin players.”

Four seasons earlier, Harrelson claimed that Indians pitcher Chen-Chang Lee uses “typical Asian motion, deception involved,” while pitching.

Later that season, Harrelson said during a game, “next thing you know we’ll have catchers wearing skirts out there,” when he was complaining about a rule that was designed to prevent catchers from getting injured while in a helpless position.