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Everything you need to know about recreational marijuana in Illinois

Where can I buy weed? What are the best strains? Where can I smoke? We answered all your questions about recreational marijuana.

Recreational marijuana is now legal in Illinois. So where can you buy weed, how much can you have, and where will you be able to light up? We answered these questions and more.

Where can I buy pot?

All over Illinois.

Here’s a map of all 110 dispensaries licensed to sell recreational pot in the state, as well as locations of several other shops slated to open in the near future.

How much weed can I have?

Illinois residents over the age of 21 will be able to carry 30 grams, or just over an ounce, of marijuana flower (the plant itself), 5 grams of cannabis concentrate (like hash oil) and up to a half-gram of THC — the chemical compound that gets users high — within cannabis-infused products, like edibles.

Visitors from outside of Illinois will be allowed to possess half those amounts.

Can I smoke pot wherever I want?

No. You still will not be able to legally partake in the street or in public spaces. Local governments can decide whether to allow pot-related businesses, including ones that could allow users to indulge on-site.

What are the best strains in Illinois?

Medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for several years, and in that time reviewers have tried strains available at pretty much every pot dispensary in the state — and posted their thoughts. Some of the top picks from the state’s most prolific cannabis connoisseurs are Gelato, G6, DJ Short Flo, Lime Sorbet, and Cherry Hash Plant.

If smoking isn’t really your thing, edibles are available in many forms — even beef ramen — as are coffee and other beverages infused with THC, pills, tinctures and even lotions.

Check out the stories below to learn more about the laws, the landscape, plus a consumer’s guide to legal weed in Illinois.

Is there something we didn’t cover? Email your questions about recreational pot to tschuba@suntimes.com, and we might include it in this guide.

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