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EDITORIAL: The latest evidence against police in Chicago schools

Chicago Public Schools need more strategies that don’t rely on handcuffs, Tasers and arrests to manage student misbehavior.

An off-duty cop got a light bond in deadly DUI. It’s time to stop putting cops above the law

Police are paid by the taxpayers to protect the public and uphold the law.

Ava DuVernay’s series on the Central Park Five is must-see TV

The drama about the wrongfully convicted men has been Netflix’s most-watched series since its May 31 premiere, and deservedly so.

Illinois is far from competitive with states that poach our college students

In 2002, about 23 percent of high school students chose out-of-state colleges. By 2017, that was up to almost 50 percent.

EDITORIAL: Take a stand for vigilance and untainted elections

No one should try to gain political advantage by looking the other way when hostile powers try to undermine American independence by tilting our electoral playing field.

The ‘Lion of West Garfield Park’

A man who looked into our brown eyes and saw us as educable in whose eyes, each time we reached some new milestone, we saw delight and pride.

When speaking up for minorities becomes condescending

Discrediting high standards as tools of oppression can be crippling

EDITORIAL: Chicago parking enforcement must be fair and equitable to all

Many Chicagoans believe the whole system is nothing but a money grab aimed at the wallets of people who can least afford to pay.

Four bills Gov. Pritzker can sign immediately to protect immigrant rights

Some of these bills have been in the works for years. Others have emerged more recently as President Trump has ratcheted up anti-immigrant fervor.

Before hammering the poor, Trump should pay his own bills

Trump should practice what he preaches before going after others, especially low-income families who don’t have powerful friends to protect them.

Montana Gov. Steve Bullock: ‘Disappointed’ did not make Democratic presidential debate

In Chicago on Wednesday, Bullock, the Montana governor, said not making the cut for the first presidential debate was just a "bump."

Our own Republican Party leaders failed the taxpayers of Illinois

It was discouraging to see many Republican leaders not only vote for these tax increases, but then promote false narratives perpetuated by the tax-and-spend Democrats to excuse their votes.

How to make a Chicago casino a social asset — not a public pariah

No matter where the casino is located in the city, we want a a business that doesn’t take advantage of the sick, the addicted or the confused.

EDITORIAL: Teacher pension ‘spiking’ is back — and we’ll all pay

A state that is shackled by unfunded pension debt has no business adding to it unless it simultaneously comes up with new revenue to pay for the increased benefits.

Our gullible president just loves those ‘beautiful letters’ from tyrants

The president screams that the press is the enemy of the people. Then he looks right into a reporter’s eyes and says he believes North Korean or Russian propaganda.

Hang on to those two-flats, Chicago, or our city will favor only the wealthy

As low-income families are forced by gentrification to move into neighborhoods already saturated with low-income residents, we will continue to feed they cycle of segregation.

Chicago kids pay the price for schools that start too late in the fall

Students in other school districts get three more weeks to prep for high-stakes tests like the SAT.

GOP Will County Board Member Mike Fricilone kicks off 3rd District bid for Congress

Fricilone could prevent a repeat of 2018, when an admitted Holocaust denier, anti-Semite and white supremacist was the Republican 3rd District nominee.

Ricketts family’s political motives are tarnishing my life-long Cubs fandom

It’s no surprise the Cubs hosted a fundraiser for Trump’s reelection this weekend, proving the Ricketts family’s intention to leverage the Cubs to further political causes.

He was 30 years ahead of his time on legalizing marijuana

In 1989, former Cook County assistant state’s attorney, Jim Gierach, publicly advocated the legalization of marijuana.

Take cabs while you can or soon there won’t be cabs to take

Uber or American Taxi? That depends on how quickly you want dystopia upon us.

EDITORIAL: Mayor Lightfoot and the FOP — rumor has it she just made a big rookie mistake

When a mayor repeats a rumor, it gains credibility. Why else would the mayor pass it along? It bounces all over town like a pinball, regardless of any disclaimers.

Lightfoot to continue to defend city in Obama Presidential Center legal fight while still pressing for benefits deal

The oral arguments coming up so soon in Lightfoot’s tenure highlights the complex road ahead for her if she intends to make good on her pledge to negotiate a community benefits agreement with the Obama Presidential Foundation.

Bring troops home and send more kids to college

It aids the ambitious children of low-income families in rural and urban areas to lift themselves above their circumstances.

EDITORIAL: Supreme Court loudly affirms federal right to regulate gun silencers

The court’s ruling should send a message to the gun lobby and its shills in government that it’s time to end assaults on gun silencer regulations.

Democratic presidential hopefuls in Chicago this week: O’Rourke, Bullock and Biden

Chicago’s proximity to Iowa — and deep bench of Democratic donors — make the city a must stop when the glut of 2020 contenders are coming or going to the Hawkeye state.

Impeachment is a sinking ship

Democrats should focus on getting crucial legislation through Congress and on nominating a 2020 presidential opponent who can take Trump out at the polls.

U.S. Rep. Bobby L. Rush apologizes for ugly campaign rhetoric

Congressman tries to mend fences with newly-minted mayor.

Challengers start lining up against Dorothy Brown

Sen. Iris Martinez and Board of Review’s Michael Cabonargi exploring bids for circuit clerk

EDITORIAL: Chicago’s shameful life expectancy gap

Chicago has the worst life expectancy gap in the nation — 30 years — and segregation is at the heart of the problem.

EDITORIAL: Illinois can charge ahead on limiting auto emissions, even as Trump sells out

By joining California and other states, Illinois can help tilt any final federal agreement on auto emissions toward one that does the most to limit climate change.

U.S. Rep. Mike Quigley: Why we must look into impeachment now

This is not a question of whether the president is fit for office — he is not. This is not a question of whether the president has abused his power — he clearly has.