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Prosecutors have no plan to file a revised indictment against the disgraced former Illinois House speaker.
Officer Daniel Fair already was facing felony charges accusing him of lying about a gun arrest when the Civilian Office of Police Accountability found that he and other tactical officers also lied about other gun seizures. Now, a judge has rejected prosecutors’ bid to cite those new accusations in the pending gun case.
The Democratic National Committee is using CTA offices near the United Center that are sublet from developer Scott Goodman, whose company has stiffed the CTA and Cook County for more than $2 million in rent and property taxes.
Seeking a compassionate release, Randall “Madman” Miller acknowledges committing three killings cited in his 1997 racketeering case, including Morris and Ruth Gauger in McHenry County. “I was surprised that he took the blame finally,” says son Gregg Gauger.
Each of the candidate stretched the truth to various degrees, according to an Associated Press fact check.
The toll system hasn’t had cameras for years, despite warnings to drivers about photo-enforced speed limits in work zones. Such signs are on the Kennedy, too, though it hasn’t had any speed cameras since its current construction project began last year.
Cory Ulmer’s family was told by the Cook County sheriff’s office that his death was the result of a medical emergency. But correctional officers struck him several times and threw him to the ground in the minutes before he died, according to a report obtained by Injustice Watch.
It’s unclear whether Catholic figures appealing for leniency in letters to the judge affected the two-year sentence given to Burke. But priests, nuns and lay church leaders went to bat heavy for him — after years of the ex-alderman funneling campaign cash to Catholic causes.
A defense attorney predicted one of Chicago’s high-stakes public corruption cases, the ComEd bribery case, will get a new trial. Michael Madigan’s trial is set for October but could be delayed.
Those agencies are expected to see big declines in the number of cases federal prosecutors approve in the 2024 fiscal year that ends Sept. 30, according to a federal court tracking program affiliated with Syracuse University.
Nancy Adduci, former director of the Cook County state’s attorney’s Conviction Integrity Unit, had said she found nothing wrong with the prosecution of Kevin Jackson for the murder of another man at a West Side gas station in 2001.
Ex-state Sen. Annazette Collins told the judge that she “let the voters down” and is “determined to never be in this situation again.”
The Chicago Illusions building gets a tax break because it has two apartments — even though it appears those units are used as part of the business.
In a Sun-Times test, a parked car got dangerously hot in minutes, a reminder that leaving pets or children in a car, even briefly, can quickly turn deadly.
While the Sway Bar faced no noticeable consequences from Mayor Nick Caiafa, who doubles as the northwest suburb’s liquor commissioner, he insists he’s not going easy on the business.
Iman Bambooyani admitted to jet-setting across the country with four women and paying them thousands of dollars for sex. He’s now agreed to cooperate with federal prosecutors.
The inspector general’s office urged Johnson to create a task force aimed at “preventing, identifying, and eliminating extremist and anti-government activities and associations within CPD.”