Dear Abby

Abigail Van Buren’s daily relationship advice column.

Woman worries her manipulative father will turn her siblings against her if he learns she’s seeing someone from another religion.
Former victim writes a letter explaining absence from 35th class reunion, considers making it public.
At first there was some humor in parents and siblings misunderstanding their loved one’s occupation, but now it just seems hurtful.
The discussions are dominated by ‘mean girls,’ and during the pandemic it it seemed like they were over forever, but no such luck.
Entitled and manipulative, she’s critical of others and lacks friends, and lately she’s been crying and making irrational demands.
Man with Lewy Body Dementia is largely dependent on his wife and is devastated after she admits sleeping with an ex-boyfriend.
Woman doesn’t want to hurt her girlfriend but can’t help falling in love with an old friend.
The clean and sober mom is being disrespected and confronted with the troubles of her past.
She now snores terribly, coughs all night and gets colds easily, but she gets defensive when husband brings up her habit
As terminal cancer patient remains employed there and caring staffers lend support, their workplace is becoming more like a hospice.
The man is happily married to someone else and his ex-wife knows she’ll never be with him again, but she still grieves the end of a marriage that made her feel happy and safe.
Unsatisfied with the attention she gets from her husband, mom considers breaking up her family and returning to her ex.
Broke widow considers crashing in her truck rather than go on doing all the chores and taking insults from her sniping sibling.
Socially active widow, 66, knows something is missing but can’t figure out what.
Husband considers her an addict and is sick of watching shows just to clear space for more shows.
Text messages prove he’s been unfaithful to his wife of 23 years.
The two women knew each other for 50 years and helped one another through tragedies, but when one decided the other was seeing a man who was beneath her, it was goodbye.
Defensive mom probably won’t react well to hearing her teen is untruthful and manipulative.
When she has tried to share her feelings for him, the married woman has ‘chickened out’ in the past.
They haven’t spoken for six weeks, since Dad overreacted to his daughter and her husband being late for dinner (as usual).
Wife tries not to let her ailing loved one see her feelings of anxiety and hopelessness.
The man’s parents try to support the couple but do not feel loved in return.
Family has relocated six times over eight years, and in the new home, child is missing an old school, making no friends and feeling depressed.
Wife frustrated as the man puts no cash toward the couple’s groceries and other needs, and breaks a promise to contribute to their savings.