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Dear Abby

Dear Abby: Church unaware that music director is an alcoholic

After discovering the woman’s problem, friend debates whether to tell her boss.

Dear Abby: Doctor’s staffer loves the work, hates the lousy pay

After 29 years in the office with no savings, reader is tempted to quit but fears it would create a conflict.

Dear Abby: Man flirts online, tells his girlfriend it’s just for fun

He informs these strangers that they’re beautiful and lies that he’s living alone and is looking for a partner.

Dear Abby: I want to leave my money to woman from my past

Divorced, childless man plans to put the soul mate of his youth into his will but worries the surprise windfall might disrupt her marriage.

Dear Abby: I won’t watch friend marry a mean drunk

After threatening to skip this ill-advised wedding if it happens, reader now must follow through.

Dear Abby: My husband, stepdad to my daughter, tattles on her, and it’s annoying

He looks for things he thinks the girl is doing wrong and rats her out to her mom.

Dear Abby: Man I’m dating drops a bombshell — he and ‘ex’ are still married

The former couple has lived apart for three years but haven’t pursued a divorce because he can’t afford it.

Dear Abby: Offered beautiful scenery, guests look at phones instead

Desert dwellers are willing to take off work to host friends in their guest house and show them around, but not if they’re going to spend most of the time on devices.

Dear Abby: Husband won’t be seen with my transgender friend

To his wife’s chagrin, he’s no longer comfortable with hosting or going out with the man transitioning to become a woman.

Dear Abby: A ‘terrific’ cheesecake recipe the original Abby used to make

It's a dessert anyone can cook and serve with pride.

Dear Abby: I’m having doubts about getting married, but fiance insists

The man always puts his parents' needs above his fiancee's, and the thought of spending her life with him is making the bride-to-be suicidal.

Dear Abby: Couple leaves it to other parents to provide for their kids

One mom is torn about providing food, money and rides when the neglectful family's 15-year-old, a friend of her son. keeps coming around.

Dear Abby: Migraine sufferer’s job-hopping causes his wife headaches, too

Now that her husband has quit six jobs and is ready to leave the seventh, is it OK for her to stop being so supportive?

Dear Abby: How can I help my suicidal friend when she lives far away?

The depressed friend is seeing a therapist, but that might not be enough.

Dear Abby: Judgmental, racist mom ruins every family gathering

Despite her insistence on criticizing everyone, her relatives can't stand the thought of making her stay away and feel lonely.

Dear Abby: I can’t stand visiting my mom’s filthy house

Dad used to clean up after her, but since his death, she has let the place degenerate into a constant disaster.

Dear Abby: My husband uses a secret mailbox, hides our finances

Happily married more than 40 years, woman resents that she's kept in the dark about where the couple's money is going.

Dear Abby: My sister shuns our parents, and I’m caught in the middle

Reader sick of being used as an intermediary between the family adversaries.

Dear Abby: Time for boys to meet their mom’s new beau

The soon-to-be-divorced woman and the man she's now living with don't want to mishandle his introduction to her sons, ages 4, 11 and 12.

Dear Abby: When woman wore sexy dress to funeral, I shouldn’t have said anything

Sister-in-law who had on the skintight dress is upset about a critical remark, despite the apology that followed.

Dear Abby: Six years after divorce, I miss my former in-laws

When woman sees Facebook pix of her ex and his parents and sister, she feels connected but also sad their happy times together will never be repeated.

Dear Abby: Son’s visits clutter our house with belongings left behind

He has loaded up a closet, a dresser and a guest bathroom with his stuff, irritating his dad.

Dear Abby: I don’t want to socialize with friend and her scary husband

Reader with a history of suffering abuse keeps declining invitations from the wife of a man who once threatened a murder-suicide.

Dear Abby: ‘Crotchety’ man’s wife would rather be with her girlfriend

She's fallen in love with another woman but feels guilty about leaving her much older, unemployed husband.

Dear Abby: Friend asks me to set up wedding dinner, but not attend

The groom's mom says her BFF of 40 years could help decorate but wouldn't be welcome at the out-of-town, family-only rehearsal dinner.

Dear Abby: Should I warn everyone that our friend likes to steal?

The sticky-fingered woman has been spotted filching donuts from a wedding and eyeglasses from a friend's home.

Dear Abby: Bride’s parents are seated at head table, but groom’s dad isn’t

After hearing his father is upset about the wedding snub, the newly married man dismisses his complaints and then demands an apology.

Dear Abby: Stepdad I never liked now wants to be my pal

Woman has no interest in spending time with the passive-aggressive man now that he's divorced from her mom.

Dear Abby: Hosts throw party for kids, require admission fee

To join in on the celebration of fifth-grade graduation, parents must pay $15 per adult and $10 per child.

Dear Abby: Teen loses faith as classmates cheat, get away with it

It's hard to stay honest while watching corrupt students get into distinguished colleges and face no punishment by administrators.

Dear Abby: Amorous patient sticks acupuncturist with the bill — twice

After asking out his practitioner, man "forgets his wallet" at the first dinner as well as the second, then knocks his date's glasses into a river.

Dear Abby: I’m dreading annual trip with my gloomy friend

Woman would rather spend vacation days with her husband and pets than on a long weekend with someone who complains and plays phone games.