Dear Abby

Abigail Van Buren’s daily relationship advice column.

Person with incurable disease doesn’t want to dwell on health woes, but when friends and family are told that, some seem surprised or offended.
They would rather skip the family gathering than adhere to hosts’ rules about running in the house.
Wife wonders whether she can salvage her 32-year marriage to an introvert who only talks to her when he has a question or a complaint.
Cold shoulder from the man’s mother, his sister and others has woman fearing they don’t like her.
Grandson, 12, refuses all home-cooked meals, and his 8-year-old sister seems to be picking up the same habit.
Man also disliked that his mom blocked her daughter-in-law on social media.
Man enjoys the company of his sister-in-law, and her parting gift of $200 bruises his ego.
She’s married to a man who says rude things, drinks too much and never works. But their 10-year-old son is great.
Warm-weather lover wants to spend nice days at the lake house and wishes social events weren’t always getting in the way.
He also seems to be chatting with women online, and his wife reads his habits to mean she’s not good enough for him.
Taking care of his demanding and hateful mother, who has cancer, puts man in a nasty mood.
He’s an aggressive dad who thinks his girlfriend is spoiling and coddling her kids, which is complicating the blending of their families.
Since becoming involved with the cheater five years ago, woman has been hospitalized three times for depression.
His emotional games — claiming his family never calls, and spreading false rumors of thievery — are getting tiresome.
Otherwise wonderful man grew up in a reserved family and doesn’t know how to show love physically or verbally.
She’s already exhausted from caring for her father and ailing sister-in-law, and her husband believes another commitment will wear her out.
Reader doesn’t feel he can present himself as a supporter of the relationship.
Child arrives with wrapped gifts from Mom that distract from her time with Dad.
She keeps backing out after plans are made and tickets are purchased.
Wife never would have married him had he revealed he had a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old when he was 22.
Father-to-be has stopped speaking to his dad, who greeted the pregnancy news with anger.
Freeloader contributes little as he lives in girlfriend’s house and keeps quiet about his financial woes.
Through college and grad school, woman was under strict control by her parents, but she’s in her dream job now and on her own.
How does one fix the problem of an awful racket on windy days?