Dear Abby

Abigail Van Buren’s daily relationship advice column.

Woman believes her ‘bedroom fun’ with much younger man should continue right up until he says ‘I do’ to his fiancee.
If you’re with someone determined to control, insult, blame or isolate you, you may be at risk.
Though the theft and an age difference are red flags, woman still feels attracted to the much younger man.
Medical student grew up trying to outcompete peers, will expect the same from own offspring.
A warning to the unhappily married woman who is being courted by three guys she’s never met.
Lifelong New Yorker can’t sleep, lacks motivation after the move, and husband is offering no support.
He’s never shown concern about his partner’s health, even during physical rehab.
Some family members fear it’s a sign that the quiet, polite, studious 20-year-old is trying to rebel.
The beneficiary of all this generosity feels like a charity case — and hesitates to order anything expensive.
A young person takes a lesson from exposure to criticism and hostility — or tolerance and fairness.
Woman considers breaking ties with dear friend who was repulsed by her daughter’s coming-out.
On special days, the first thing he does in the morning is go to the bathroom and write to his former wife and former girlfriend.
After mother’s death many years ago, siblings gave her meaningful pearl necklace to a friend, and now they wish they had it back.
Man knows she’ll never leave her husband for him, and lately the relationship has become strained, but he loves her too much to let go.
Girlfriend promised to stick by him after his CTE diagnosis but is beginning to fear his angry outbursts.
Oldest child had to care for the others while their mother drank too much, smoked pot and did nothing to protect them from their father’s verbal and physical abuse.
Young passenger was marking up a car window with her shoes, and the driver asked her to stop.
He dislikes his daughter-in-law’s parents, putting his wife in an awkward position.
Despite taking insulin, she has moments of becoming unresponsive.
Sister-in-law never calls her late husband’s sister and is dismissive of her grief.
The older man, 88 and fit, has a schedule for coffee every morning and dinner every evening but refuses to make them himself.
Woman hurt that her husband will be walking down the aisle of his brother’s ceremony, but she won’t.
She once called her husband’s habit ‘weird,’ so he tried to repress it, but now wants to raise the subject again.