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Dear Abby

Dear Abby: Woman with kids in their teens dates a 17-year-old

After breaking up with the man her four children consider their dad, she begins seeing this adolescent. Her kids are confused and her mom is aghast.

Dear Abby: Friends abandon their single pal after they marry

The unwed man feels slighted now that his former buddies have stopped talking to him.

Dear Abby: Boyfriend spends all his free time watching sports

Sad and bored, his girlfriend of eight years wants him to get off the couch and show her some attention.

Dear Abby: Man worries about his less fulfilling future as he eases toward retirement

When his days become all about travel and hobbies, will he miss the fast pace and high expectations of his old working life?

Dear Abby: Boyfriend takes down my photo, puts up another woman’s

The star of the man’s mantel now is a fellow church usher who has no interest in him.

Dear Abby: Retired man’s wife frustrated by projects he puts off

Instead of putting away his stuff and completing his unfinished tasks, the husband spends hours on his iPad.

Dear Abby: Woman’s boyfriend makes a pass at her gay brother

The brother can’t decide whether to tell his sister that her man is having doubts about being straight.

Dear Abby: As her husband spends wildly, my sister keeps paying his debts

It cost her $400,000 to rescue him from bankruptcy, and now he owes another $100,000.

Dear Abby: I wish we hadn’t married, man tells wife of 30 years

Woman is beyond devastated after her husband says he doesn’t love her.

Dear Abby: Grief suddenly pummels me, weeks after wife’s death

Man felt he was coping well until, out of the blue, he was overwhelmed by despair and feared for his mental health.

Dear Abby: For college grad, making friends is easy online but hard IRL

Part of the problem: The lonely introvert seldom gets out of the house.

Dear Abby: Ex-wife doesn’t like that I’m dating her sister

Man’s former spouse is trying to turn their friends, grown children and parents against the couple.

Dear Abby: I keep calling son’s girlfriend by his old girlfriend’s name

The parent is mortified by the mistakes, but the young woman has been too classy to complain.

Dear Abby: If you take out your teeth, you can’t make out with me

Reader can’t get in the mood with a man who refuses to wear his dentures during intimate moments.

Dear Abby: I think my husband is cheating — how can I prove it?

The man denies any straying, but it’s hard to argue with a love letter, a moment of sexual contact and other evidence.

Dear Abby: Even after husband hurt me, I don’t know how to leave

His anger issues are worsening to the point where he bashed wife’s head into a car window.

Dear Abby: My husband’s brother needs to get out of our house already

Three years of crashing there is enough, but he has a temper and woman is afraid to confront him.

Dear Abby: Man might lose it if girlfriend forgets Father’s Day again

As the dad of four — including one with her — he was crushed when she overlooked the holiday last year.

Dear Abby: I said no to a bulky gift, but parents sent it anyway

In couple’s small apartment, large crib takes up most of the living room, and now the expectant mom has to figure out what to do with it.

Dear Abby: Teen’s relationship with woman, 33, disturbs his mom

She’s convinced the young man, who is 19 but acts younger, is headed for heartbreak with this girlfriend, who’s the mother of three kids.

Dear Abby: Friend expects me to handle her website, and I’m sick of it

After helping launch the site 12 years ago, busy reader wants to quit doing the updates but knows the friend can’t do it herself.

Dear Abby: My boyfriend’s major flaw — he’s living with his ex

She’s planning to move out, but even then he plans to run errands for her for a fee.

Dear Abby: Since divorce, I feel so unhappy without my ex

His street lifestyle ended the marriage, but now that he has cleaned up, ex-wife can’t stop thinking back on their good times together.

Dear Abby: Man goes out, strands his ill wife at their rural home

Restricted from driving, epileptic woman feels trapped when her husband goes away for sports on Sundays.

Dear Abby: Two years in, boyfriend hasn’t said, ‘I love you’

He’s a wonderful partner, but as a divorced man he has trepidation about those three little words.

Dear Abby: Family won’t shut up about my failed marriage

It’s been five years since the divorce and, after college and a health scare, woman has moved on, but relatives can’t let go of her marital past.

Dear Abby: Church unaware that music director is an alcoholic

After discovering the woman’s problem, friend debates whether to tell her boss.

Dear Abby: Doctor’s staffer loves the work, hates the lousy pay

After 29 years in the office with no savings, reader is tempted to quit but fears it would create a conflict.

Dear Abby: Man flirts online, tells his girlfriend it’s just for fun

He informs these strangers that they’re beautiful and lies that he’s living alone and is looking for a partner.

Dear Abby: I want to leave my money to woman from my past

Divorced, childless man plans to put the soul mate of his youth into his will but worries the surprise windfall might disrupt her marriage.

Dear Abby: I won’t watch friend marry a mean drunk

After threatening to skip this ill-advised wedding if it happens, reader now must follow through.

Dear Abby: My husband, stepdad to my daughter, tattles on her, and it’s annoying

He looks for things he thinks the girl is doing wrong and rats her out to her mom.