Letters to the Editor

Submissions from Chicago Sun-Times readers weighing in on issues facing the city and its residents.

We have already spent millions on youth programs, a Humboldt Park reader writes. Let me ask: How has that worked out?
Tim Scott reminds me of another Black Republican, former Oklahoma U.S. Rep. J.C. Watts, who decided not to run for re-election in 2002, a reader from Itasca writes. Why didn’t Republicans do more to keep him around? Maybe they’ll do better with Scott.
Technology is a way to connect, yet we are relying on it to do this way too much and use it as an excuse not go to out and socialize in person, a suburban student writes.
Some of the tools that enabled us to adapt our small businesses during the pandemic are under threat as Congress considers legislation to regulate technology companies, a South Side business owner writes.
These requirements aren’t about work. They are about adding unnecessary paperwork that results in people losing their coverage due to red tape.
The vast majority of people have followed the rules and should not be punished for the mistakes of a few.
Cardinal Blase Cupich’s statement in response to Attorney General Kwame Raoul’s report was overly defensive and tone-deaf.
Hyper-partisanship is a problem. Politicians only look out for the good of the party or staying in power, and voting districts are carved out so they maximize the seats of whichever party is in control.
Banning flavored e-cigarettes is a good start to protecting public health, but the ban should be comprehensive and include menthol and mint flavors.
The graphic and a Sun-Times/WBEZ story do not show whether school closings led to population decline or whether the pre-existing population decline lead to the closings, after which the population continued to decline, a Glen Ellyn reader writes.
Is it good public policy to underfund CPS, which serves students who need special services, while sending dollars to private schools that do not accommodate them?
To preserve access to care and protect the long-term viability of our Chicagoland hospitals, an increase in Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement is necessary, leaders of the Illinois Health and Hospital Association and the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce write.
Not many individuals are willing to come into law enforcement these days to be a change agent, as she wanted to be.
Federal estimates shows up to 15 million people — 700,00 here in Illinois — could be dis-enrolled from Medicaid when continuous enrollment ends. We need to make sure people have the information they need to keep their coverage.
Stacy Davis Gates is absolutely right that good neighborhood schools serve as anchors in neighborhoods, an Edgebrook resident writes.
Will County could lead a public-private partnership to consider the feasibility of turning the land into an agri-food, nutrition and conservation research and development center, board chair Judy Ogalla writes.
The trial of a former ComEd CEO and others was not a proud chapter in our history, and we’ve put reforms in place and are focused on delivering service to our 9 million customers, ComEd CEO Gil Quiniones writes.
Corporations get subsidies. Mom-and-pop stores should get them too, to be able to offer a variety of fresh and affordable food in areas that are food deserts, student Monica Jimenez Jaimes writes.
The need to educate physicians on the treatment of substance use disorder is a shared responsibility of the medical school, graduate medical education and continuing medical education communities.
South Shore has had years of disinvestment. Locating migrants in an area starved for resources is not in the best interest of asylum-seekers, nor the existing community, Shauna Cox writes.
What is the value of respecting the law if the highest court in the land does not? Supreme Court justices must be investigated and sanctioned where appropriate, writes a Logan Square resident.
We don’t have a problem with immigration or migrants, we just have a few basic requests, reader Larry Craig writes.
Recently, I visited the National Museum of Mexican Art and the National Museum of Puerto Rican Arts and Culture. As a strong supporter of the Chicago area art scene, I couldn’t feel more proud of what our world-class city offers.
Current campaign financing drives corruption and ill-advised loyalties to political action committees, a reader from Merrionette Park writes. Politicians should be paying attention to the will of their constituents but instead are too often beholden to their heavy contributors.