Letters to the Editor

Submissions from Chicago Sun-Times readers weighing in on issues facing the city and its residents.

A referendum on the ballot is aimed at restoring some 30,000 acres of land.
It would save taxpayer money and make it economically advantageous for the police to behave as reform intends.
I have been trying to be fair to Brown and give him the benefit of the doubt the past couple of years. But it’s becoming evident he does not know Chicago.
After the election, some politicians in Congress will try to pass tax credits for large corporations. It would be outrageous for Congress to pass tax cuts for the wealthy without expanding the CTC
Feeling stigmatized can make people with substance use disorder less willing to seek treatment.
I am a lifelong Chicago resident, for 63 years. I have been inconvenienced by sporting and other events and numerous street festivals and parades. This is what I have come to expect living in a large urban area.
Attacks on voting rights, unequal application of the law, MAGA Republicans and the fear of others are among the reasons for the threats our readers wrote to us about.
In many states anti-abortion laws have far-reaching consequences for reproductive care. Counselors who might provide information on safe and reliable abortion pills fear being sued.
Illinois’ child welfare system isn’t perfect. But during Child Welfare Worker Appreciation Week, let’s not forget those who are in the trenches every day trying to do what’s best for our most vulnerable children.
The new 988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline phone number must be sustainably funded so that confidential, voluntary services by trained counselors are accessible nationwide.
I traveled into Chicago with a friend to view the exhibit of those paintings by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald in the spring of 2021.
In the 1960s, we didn’t know what extremism meant. Today we have Marjorie Taylor Greene, Lauren Boebert and Matt Gaetz.
Congress should take up the Affordable and Safe Prescription Drug Importation Act, a bill that would offer immediate drug price relief.
Wherever you go, whomever you meet, people are individuals first, not groups.
Find and connect women — from here or from out-of-state — to the many local resources they need to access care.
Large parts of Pakistan have been flooded away, and starvation and disease are increasing with this disaster. Humanitarian aid from the global community is crucial.
We once worried about the values of the people of Texas. Their leadership is showing us that worry has not changed.
A man who goes by the name Draco says drifting gives him an adrenaline rush. Well, his selfish adrenaline rush is harmful. Not only does it hurt the environment, it puts others in harm’s way.
It’s a selfish, ‘where’s mine?’ attitude that we should be able to rise above. Helping people is good, at least the Democrats think so.
It’s a dangerous idea to take away someone’s presumed innocence, and with it their life as they know it, based on statistics.
My hope is that 79th and Halsted will rise again — restored to a place where South Side kids can dream big dreams, find the magic of their own neighborhood and gain the confidence to explore the world beyond.
As Chicagoans prepare to deliberate and consider who is to be their next choice for mayor, it is imperative that they consider how candidates are endorsed and if an endorsement from one organization actually represents that organization’s members.
It’s time to end qualified immunity so victims of police brutality can seek justice in court and hold bad cops accountable so good cops can continue protecting and serving our streets.