Some poor patients would pay Dr. Martinez in cheese they had received as federal food benefits.
The Vatican said there were no complications in the three-hour surgery. The pope will be hospitalized for several days, and papal audiences are canceled through June 18.
Luis Alberto Aguilar Peres, 26, was a father and husband who made the trek from Venezuela to the United States for a better life, his friend said. He died Friday.
In Illinois, air quality was classified as moderate, including in Chicago, by the state EPA. Still, residents with health conditions are advised to stay indoors.
The state health department has confirmed 26 cases of salmonella between April 25 and May 18 in Cook and the collar counties.
Cook Commissioner Monica Gordon said long wait times and short staffing at the hospital are a result of the ‘interconnected disparities’ in the mostly Black and brown south suburbs ‘that has to be addressed.’
Federal judge rules author of ‘Weight Loss Secrets “They” Don’t Want You To Know’ can remain free, and working, to pay off $37 million judgment.
About nine months into operating the clinic for asylum seekers, Cook County Health is facing at least a $40 million drop in revenue this year. A number of financial woes are colliding.
About 100 Cook County Health workers and their supporters rallied in protest Friday outside Stroger Hospital.
Dr. Caitlin Bernard is being investigated after she performed an abortion last year on a 10-year-old girl from Ohio and shared information with a newspaper reporter.
A nonprofit that was launched to oppose diversity initiatives in medicine has evolved into a significant leader in statehouses to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youths.
The first-term Pennsylvania Democrat is back at work after checking himself into Walter Reed hospital for clinical depression in February. He wears his signature shorts and hoodies, but not on the Senate floor.
Jordan Eldridge underwent 20 penile enhancement injections. Why? “I guess it’s just part of the culture,” the 33-year-old landscaper said.
Illinois legislators hammering out the state budget could expand affordable health care access to noncitizens ages 19 to 41.
Nakili, a 33-year-old pachyderm, was the oldest male eastern black rhino in an accredited North American zoo.
The new mayor met with several immigrants staying at the 12th District police station, telling them he was ‘grateful’ they were here and assuring them that ‘we are going to do everything we can to make this home for you.’
A New England Journal of Medicine study found the Viaskin patch helped kids 1 to 3 years old who couldn’t tolerate even a small fraction of a peanut to eventually safely eat a few.
After Texas pastor Juan Uribe donated a kidney to Gail Fink of Northbrook, his wife served as a surrogate for her twin boys. Now Fink needs to find another donor so she can watch her 15-year-old boys continue to thrive.
The language of young love and lust, and the actions behind it, are evolving. That isn’t being properly captured in studies, say experts — including high school students.
The safety recall of Pelton Bikes Model PL01, which sold for about $1,400, is because of a potential hazard involving the seat post assembly.
Lonette Sims, chair of People’s Response Network, announced Thursday that the group had drafted an ordinance calling for greater funding for community-based public health programs.
Over 72,000 Cook County residents will receive $25 million in medical debt relief in the first round of the program.
Illinois Comptroller Susana Mendoza’s Chicago cop brother was denied duty disability benefits despite contracting COVID-19 on the job in 2020. She thanked the governor and others who helped get the bill passed.
While excess weight increases the risk for diabetes, proper nutrition is likely just as important.