A photo of a joey-toting opossum, a note on Chicago River fishing regulations, a warning about driving and moose in the UP, and the aging of the Shedd’s late “Granddad” are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Wandering Wolf Road Prairie with E.J. Neafsey and Joel Greenberg is a sure way to savor the plants, birds and history of a one-of-a-kind remnant prairie in Chicago’s suburbs.
Capt. Gerry Urbanozo and Capt. Anthony Zimmer gave a primer on learning (or relearning) to walleye fish the Fox Chain O’Lakes way, which is something different than walleye fishing the North Woods or Canada; plus the Stray Cast.
Once again summer is truly here and the variety of fishing around Chicago shows in this sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report.
David King earns Fish of the Week honors for a big flathead catfish caught while fishing for smallmouth bass on the Kankakee River.
A photo of a red-tailed hawk chick on Chicago’s North Side, a question of walleye and bait color, a leucistic robin in the southwest suburbs and passage of Recovering America’s Wildlife Act in the House are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Massey retired last month after nearly 34 years working with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources (Department of Conservation) in a career that touched people as well as wildlife.
Quinn Wunar and Jingchen Zhu built a fishing relationship and friendship while fishing the Chicago lakefront; plus the Stray Cast.
Perch season reopening on Illinois’ Lake Michigan Thursday, June 16, and Illinois’ frog (bullfrogs only) season opening Wednesday, June 15, lead this sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report; plus summer is truly here and with it a variety of options for fishing around Chicago.
Anthony Vicari earned Fish of the Week honors with his first muskie, caught on his first Canadian trip with three generations of family.
A chance to use the common name of bloody butcher, a velvet buck feeding, the Michigan-record flathead catfish, and a quip aboout dolostone as Illinois’ official rock are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Follow along with monitor Woody Goss on a practice run for the breeding bird survey at Cap Sauers Holding Nature Preserve, as part of building the decades-long database by the Bird Conservation Network.
Lake Springfield proved a good choice, for both the fishing and the setting, for the ICASSTT Clash, a state championship of high school bass fishing; plus the Stray Cast.
It was the latest achievement for Kenichi Horie, who also achieved a number of other long-distance solo voyages, including sailing around the world in 1974.
A good mix of early summer fishing on our rivers, lakes, ponds and Lake Michigan leads this sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report.
Pat Karpinski caught and released his dream muskie to earn Fish of the Week honors.
A question on catfish stocking in Chicago lagoons, a robin family on a deck, return of Red River sturgeon spawning and the allure of decoys and ducks are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
The volume updates and continues the lineage of important books documenting the fishes across Illinois.
Skamania steelhead are drawing crowds to the Michigan City pier in Indiana; plus the Stray Cast.
Summer weather on a long Memorial Day weekend made for a truly sprawling raw-file Midwest Fishing Report.
Nick Langton caught a really big bluegill and brings up the discussion of fish of a lifetime.
A photograph of yellow lady’s slippers, a surprising number of new boat owners, sound holiday boating advice, and a find of monarch butterfly eggs are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Illinois hunters harvested 13,701 wild turkeys during the spring seasons, up slightly from the harvest in 2021.
Just cause to celebrate the first sweep of the medals by Chicago-area teams at the IHSA’s state finals for bass fishing and to ponder the state of the state finals and Carlyle Lake.