The latest information on Illinois’ congressional delegation and how Washington politicians will affect your life, including insightful analysis from Sun-Times White House bureau chief Lynn Sweet.

Haberman is the New York Times reporter who, as she writes, spent her career at “news outlets Trump cares most about.”
The rare 3% decrease in monthly premiums is likely to be coupled with a historically high cost-of-living increase in Social Security benefits — perhaps 9% or 10% — putting hundreds of dollars into the pockets of millions of people.
The rally, organized by “March Fourth,” a group formed after the Highland Park July 4 massacre, included people whose lives were forever changed because of other mass shootings.
Fewer than half of children in the United States with sickle cell disease get a needed screening for stroke, and only about half or fewer get a treatment that can help with pain and anemia.
Charlene Cakora, Frerichs’ sister, on Tuesday threw a spotlight on the plight of at least 64 other U.S. citizens who are detained or are hostages.
Mark Frerichs, a Navy veteran and a civilian contractor in Afghanistan, was abducted in 2020. His sister in Lombard had pushed for years to get his release.
In her fourth trip to Illinois since taking office, the vice president warned that reproductive rights are under assault across the nation. “And so we need you to get the vote out this November because truly, truly, this election, I do believe will determine the future of not only your home state but our home country, Harris said at rally at the University of Illinois Chicago.
Speaking at Northwestern Law School, Kagan said the Supreme Court’s legitimacy can be questioned if it is seen as “spoiling for trouble.”
The vice president’s visit marks her fourth time in Illinois since taking office.
At least 22 Asian American candidates are running for offices in the November election and next year’s city elections, not to mention others running in other local races across the state.
The DNC will decide at a later date which city — Chicago, New York, Houston or Atlanta — wins the convention.
Marcos Gleffe, 39, entered his plea on Thursday which carries a maximum prison sentence of 6 months and can cost him $5,000 in fines.
The unveiling event at the White House set humor and nostalgia over Obama’s presidency against the current harsh political talk about the survival of democracy.
A new document alleges government records had been concealed and removed from Mar-a-Lago and that law enforcement officials were misled about what was still there.
Kinzinger said Sunday he is open to backing “left wing” Democrats who believe in democracy over “anti-democracy”: Republicans.
Distribution could “expeditiously resume” if Congress provides funding, a senior Biden administration official said. Otherwise, remaining tests will be reserved for when there’s greater need.
“Many people assume if that product is sold in the United States of America, somebody has inspected it, and it must be safe,” U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said when he introduced legislation to strengthen oversight of dietary supplements. “Unfortunately, that’s not always true.”
Chicago-area students and grads say any amount of student loan debt cancellation can help them aim for other milestones including marriage and homeownership.
Biden’s plan will wipe out $20,000 in federal student debt for Pell Grant recipients and eliminate $10,000 in federal student loan debt for other borrowers.
If you have any fears of potential side effects, don’t hesitate to discuss them with medical personnel at your vaccination site or your own health care provider.
The Food and Drug Administration said the new regulation creates a new class of hearing aids that don’t require a medical exam or prescription. They’ll be sold online or over-the-counter at pharmacies and other stores.