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Henry Hyde, the man behind the anti-abortion amendment Biden now opposes

A former suburban Chicago GOP lawmaker, Rep. Henry Hyde, who died in 2007, authored the Hyde Amendment banning federal funds for most abortions.

Joe Biden reverses course, says he now supports using federal dollars for abortions

Joe Biden is now saying a long-standing congressional ban would prevent poor women from exercising their constitutional rights to terminate a pregnancy.

Pritzker signs budget, income tax rates bill for his ‘fair tax’ plan — touts ‘new era of fiscal stability’

Pritzker signed the income tax measure, as well as three budget bills — the operating budget, the revenue for the spending and a budget implementation measure. And part of that spending plan includes a controversial measure: a cost-of-living $1,600 pay bump for lawmakers.

Illinois sends 13 Democrats to the House. Four want to see Trump impeached or to launch an impeachment inquiry.

Launching an inquiry allows for the start of House Judiciary panel hearings to consider impeachment: crucial in fact-gathering and getting public support.

House OKs budget, but Lightfoot calls gambling proposal a losing hand

And late Friday, the Illinois Senate passed the Reproductive Health Act, sending the bill to expand and protect abortion rights to the governor’s desk.

Overtime: Madigan pushes legislative session into weekend, raising stakes and questions

The announcement was a surprise, even with the vast amount of work to be done. That’s because negotiations had been led by Democrats — the party that holds the governor’s mansion and supermajorities in both legislative chambers.

Springfield scramble: Crunch time for legislators on pot, gaming, budget, other issues

The clock is ticking. Legislators will have to quickly digest the budget. And there are still changes being made to a capital plan that currently includes a gas tax hike, a $1 tax on cigarettes and vaping and several other controversial taxes.

Chicago mega-casino in the cards? Gambling bill could add casinos, video gaming across state

Link said it would be part of a broader deal creating six new casinos across the state and bringing slot machines to three horse racing tracks, essentially turning them into casinos as well.

Fact-check: No, Pritzker-like tax rates did not drive wealthy from New York

What Murphy neglected to mention during the press conference was that Cuomo wasn’t criticizing his state’s graduated income tax rate structure.

County’s anti-harassment panel releases recommendations

The working group was convened last October, a month after Preckwinkle fired her to aide John Keller for allegations of sexual harassment.

Democrats’ Springfield message: It’s their party, and Republicans can cry if they want to

Democrats are completely back in charge in Springfield, and when push comes to shove, and at some point it always does, they’re going to do things their way.

Lightfoot taps former City Clerk del Valle as school board chief to ‘hit the ground running’

Del Valle said Tuesday he has discussed the school board with Lightfoot. But, del Valle insisted that nothing had been finalized.

When it comes to property taxes, Democrats can spell relief — but that’s about it

House Democrats moved to smooth the way for a new state graduated income tax by advancing a pair of proposals ostensibly aimed at local property tax bills.

After emotional debate, Illinois House OKs abortion-rights measure

In tears, state Rep. Avery Bourne, who is pregnant, warned the measure is a "massive expansion that will impact viable babies."

Graduated income tax question heads to ballot as House OKs constitutional amendment

The move means Illinois voters will decide next year if the state’s flat-tax structure should be removed from the constitution and replaced with a graduated income tax.

Waning days of spring session to reveal Pritzker’s big wins — or losses

Legalizing marijuana and expanding gambling in the state are still up in the air as session winds down in Springfield.

Expected House passage of graduated income tax just start of long campaign

Illinois voters get rare chance to vote directly on major public policy issue—and the political ads that go with it.

Will latest changes make sports betting bill — and casinos — a winning wager?

The fight to expand gambling in the state has seen its fair share of struggles, mainly because the bill in years past had covered too many complex issues with too many competing interests.

Under pressure, DCCC chief Bustos pulls out of fundraiser for Lipinski

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., chair of the Democratic House political operation, withdraws from Lipinski funder after pushback from abortion-rights progressive Democrats.

Ald. Beale, don’t forget Ald. Hutchinson and that wheelchair

It’s the story of a Chicago alderman who crossed a popular mayor and paid dearly for it.

2020 Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ promises leap beyond model countries’ healthcare

While other countries do guarantee coverage for all, the benefits vary significantly.

Former Richard J. Daley critic defends Lightfoot for keeping aldermen ‘reasonably frightened’

"The aldermen need to be reasonably frightened of the mayor. They need to know that she’s not gonna put up with them getting off the reservation too often," Simpson said before Monday’s inauguration ceremony at Wintrust Arena.

Lightfoot makes aldermen squirm on day one

She started by using her inauguration speech to give the aldermen a visual demonstration that the public is on her side in her call for reform, employing the audience at the Wintrust Arena to help make them squirm.

Lightfoot’s Ohio hometown shows up to witness her historic swearing-in

Lori Lightfoot’s mother and family weren’t the only Massillonians to attend the inauguration — Massillon Ohio’s mayor and high school journalism students also witnessed the swearing-in.

New City Council sworn in: ‘We have to restore the trust’

Many of the newcomers, who campaigned on a platform of change, saw Lightfoot’s speech — and the promises she made — as the first step in a progressive agenda they hope will make the city work for all residents.

Mayor-elect Lightfoot at black women’s event: ‘Black folks, we need to step up.’

"If we don’t take care of our people and our neighborhoods, and our communities, how can we expect other people to do that?" Lightfoot told the crowd of women.

Judge denies challenger’s bid to stop Hairston swearing-in

Circuit Court Judge LaGuina Clay-Herron denied William Calloway’s motion for a temporary restraining order to stop 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston from being sworn in Monday.

Elizabeth Warren unveils proposals to safeguard abortion rights

Her proposals come as Missouri joins Alabama, Georgia and other states in advancing laws that limit abortion access.

‘Mayor Pete’ tells Chicago crowd he’s not resting on early buzz: ‘This is a marathon’

South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg took his message to Chicago, where he said he’d create a "new normal" for Democrats — painting himself as a Midwestern leader who helped to revive a dying city.

Woman arrested in Ald. Proco ‘Joe’ Moreno’s car says he asked her to be quiet until after election

Liliya Hrabar is now suing Moreno for defamation

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announces 2020 run

In announcing his candidacy, de Blasio seeks to claim a role on the national stage that has eluded him as mayor of the biggest U.S. city.

Lightfoot says she’s filled out her City Council lineup but won’t disclose it

The mayor-elect plans to add several new committees to the existing roster of 16, paying for that expansion by slashing the Finance Committee budget.