Your guide to living healthier and better in Chicago.

Probiotics are microorganisms intended to have health benefits when consumed or applied to the body. They can be found in foods, supplements and beauty products.
Advisers to the Food and Drug Administration voted unanimously on Tuesday against the effectiveness of the key drug phenylephrine found in popular versions of Sudafed, Dayquil and other medications stocked on store shelves.
Aging isn’t for cowards. Longevity is a blessing that should be celebrated, not ridiculed. Longtime Sun-Times columnist Mary Mitchell aims to view aging in a different light in her new column, called “Starting Over.”
Some zero in on calorie-counting over healthier eating and improving other habits. They might do little to teach healthy eating skills, like meal-planning and preparation.
Springsteen announced on his website Wednesday that he was postponing shows for the remainder of the month while he is treated for symptoms of “peptic ulcer disease.”
Per U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines, honey will remain safe to eat even after the quality of the honey declines.
Just as many of us have learned to prefer a few extra shakes of salt on our food, research suggests we can retrain our taste buds to be satisfied with less.
Biting nails can be brought on by both boredom and anxiety, which is one of the reasons it’s so common.
They’re typically harmless, though a doctor or dermatologist can safely and easily remove skin tags with minimal pain and scarring.
Black Breastfeeding Week — which runs through Thursday — provides education and uplifts families who may face social and health care roadblocks to breastfeeding.
“So many people have disabilities and trauma that aren’t visible. So if I make that visible, it gives us a starting place for that conversation.”
There is no proof that gluten-free foods are better for you, and they often cost more. But, even if you don’t have gluten sensitivity, gluten-free foods can be part of a healthy diet.
Despite the downsides of drinking ginger ale, some people swear it can help with an upset stomach.
How far blood pressure can drop before someone begins to feel the effects varies.
During a panic attack, it’s often helpful to remind oneself that the entire episode will pass quickly and without any lasting physical damage.
It’s hard to go wrong with any kind of bean. Beans are a “nutrition powerhouse,” says one nutritionist.
This seed is rich in unsaturated fatty acids, notably linoleic acid, which has been linked with health benefits.
People who took a type of heartburn drug called proton pump inhibitors for nearly 4.5 years faced a 33% greater risk of dementia. Some over-the-counter versions are sold under the brand names Prilosec, Nexium and Prevacid.
Acupuncture is being used in the treatments of many ailments — from lower back pain and tinnitus to menopause and headaches.
In addition to being the body’s preferred source of energy, carbohydrates are a primary source of micronutrients.
Red-light therapy shows promise as a safe way treating many skin issues, says one Chicago dermatologist.
With highs in the 80s expected this weekend, one medical expert emphasizes the importance of staying hydrated.
If you haven’t tried liquid aminos before, consider adding them to your next meal — they have a salty and savory flavor and are gluten-free and vegan.