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We all love upsets in the NCAA Tournament, but let’s show some compassion to Purdue big man Zach Edey.
If either Sergio Acosta or April Perry are picked to be the next U.S. attorney based in Chicago, it will be the first time a non-white male has held the job.
France has been roiled for weeks because they’re trying to do something about a pension crisis we barely think about.
The devastation of the pandemic and lockdown only heightened the feeling that we don’t get to see our loved ones overseas enough, and left us wondering if flying to India would ever be possible again.
Self, 60, hasn’t coached in a game since before the Big 12 tournament. The No. 1-seeded Jayhawks face Arkansas on Saturday.
First baseman and former Yankee wasn’t just a showman – he could play ball
Madigan’s crew put the arm on plenty of special interests.
Aaron Rodgers’ pending move to the Jets doesn’t guarantee success for the Monsters of the Midway.
Brandon Miller has no business playing in the NCAA college basketball tournament. And it shouldn’t be up to coach Nate Oats to make the decision.
As a disillusioned professor on this smart, new AMC series, the actor finds the decency in a deeply cynical character.
As Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson barnstorm in churches and parades before the April 4 runoff, policing and public education are front and center. This election also touches on power, identity, and of course, race.
UPenn law professor Amy Wax is upping the ante on obnoxious public remarks and almost daring the law school at which she teaches to punish her.
There won’t be much of anything worth remembering about the Illini’s loss to the Razorbacks, and, truth be told, there might be only one thing: The Illini didn’t show up until it was too late.
Teenage Billy Batson’s alter ego muscles his way through loud, underwhelming action sequences.
Hollywood veteran director Michael Goi on how to nail a job interview.
Period-piece specialist visits the more recent past in gast-moving crime drama about murders in the 1960s.
As the musicians show off Dublin and perform beautiful reimaginings of their hits, their funny fan provides some levity — and a big finish.
He intends to play for the Jets in 2023 after 18 years in Green Bay
Fortunately for the ninth-seeded Illini, Thursday’s matchup won’t be a jumping contest. At least they’d sure as heck better hope not.
DeSantis isn’t even running yet, but he’s got Trump, the press and voters acting as if he is. Talk about an auspicious start to a presidential campaign.
Supervisors and judges tolerated outrageous constitutional violations, including illegal searches and brutal assaults.
Chicago has everything New York says it can offer the 2024 Democratic convention except the Statue of Liberty and garbage on downtown streets.
A civil suit filed in last year’s Highland Park Fourth of July parade massacre asserts a gun company’s marketing influenced the man accused of being parade shooter.
To watch the Wildcats is to appreciate how hard they play while also wondering how a collection of modestly athletic players is winning so often. Lowery is a big part of the answer.
Filmmaker and Columbia College grad Michael Goi on the Oscars, ethnicity and the challenge of making movies.