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Illini standout Bobby Roundtree surrounded by love and support after ‘severe’ spinal injury

Roundtree had been No. 1 on Lovie Smith’s list to represent the program in the media this year. Why? He checked all the boxes for what an Illini player should be.

My visit to a retail cannabis store in Los Angeles: Lots of products, hipster vibe

As Illinois ponders legalizing recreational pot, I checked out a hip store selling a variety of products.

Stephen Calk pleads not guilty in bribery scheme: $16 million in Manafort loans in bid for top Trump job

Stephen Calk, ex-CEO of a Chicago bank is charged with using bank loans to bribe his way into a top Trump administration job

Donald Trump’s clueless China policy threatens America’s economy

Trump is focused on the non-threat of Chinese exports, while ignoring the true threat of China’s totalitarian system reaching abroad.

Lightfoot can make a city built on immigration even more welcoming

The mayor and City Council should beef up the city’s Welcoming City ordinance, which says the Chicago Police generally will not detain or arrest an immigrant for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Somewhere between Dunkin’ and Starbucks is a smart approach to corporate politics

The message to corporate America, entertainment media and even Hollywood isn’t that social issues shouldn’t matter — it’s that politics shouldn’t overtake the experience of watching sports, buying a cup of coffee or eating a hamburger.

Trump takes his hands off the wheel

Infrastructure fix held hostage by president in effort to block oversight by Congress

Under pressure, DCCC chief Bustos pulls out of fundraiser for Lipinski

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., chair of the Democratic House political operation, withdraws from Lipinski funder after pushback from abortion-rights progressive Democrats.

Underwood’s sharp questioning of DHS acting chief about migrant children deaths earns her a rebuke

Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., accused the DHS acting chief of "intentionally" backing policies causing the deaths of migrant children.

Trump’s spying complaints will come to nothing

The attorney general’s various pronouncements on the topic of government "spying" appear calculated to appeal to an audience of one: Trump himself.

Picking up after your dog is just the start

Should you toss dog poop in a neighbor’s garbage can?

Cubs’ Yu Darvish was good but not good enough against Wrigley favorite Jake Arrieta

Maybe people will start looking at Darvish differently someday. Maybe he’ll be the good guy. Just not yet.

In first road start at Wrigley, Phils’ Jake Arrieta reminds Cubs how it was — and could’ve been

It wasn’t vintage Arrieta, but that old, familiar toughness was there. The only run he allowed in six innings came on an Anthony Rizzo base hit in the third.

Spirituality, hope infuse Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s inauguration address

A 1989 song that spoke to the crisis and uncertainty of a difficult labor could be a metaphor for the female triumvirate of Lightfoot, Anna Valencia, City Clerk, and Melissa Conyears-Ervin, City Treasurer.

Lightfoot makes aldermen squirm on day one

She started by using her inauguration speech to give the aldermen a visual demonstration that the public is on her side in her call for reform, employing the audience at the Wintrust Arena to help make them squirm.

Extremist laws will make it harder for poor women to end pregnancies

The new laws generally deem abortion murder after six or eight weeks, no exceptions. This is often before women are even aware that they are pregnant.

Lightfoot poised to lead historic conversation about race in Chicago

Lori Lightfoot doesn’t have to defend our racial legacy, but she can help us acknowledge and work to reconcile it.

Fetal abduction is ‘just plain evil’

It is gruesome. It is grisly. It’s as bad as it gets.

An unspeakable act puts pressure on CPD to solve cases involving missing women and girls

Activists trying to raise awareness about missing black women have complained detectives are too slow to follow up on leads. The decision by the father of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez to turn to a private investigator in the search for his daughter boosts that perception.

Southland, a miracle in the face of bleak odds

Amid a public education system that remains separate and unequal, the south suburban charter school fulfills a dream of quality education.

GOP working with unions shows how times have changed in Springfield

Illinois has been a national leader for data center locations because the Chicago region is a national Internet hub.

New Chicago political dynasty born as Ald. Burnett makes his son state rep

Setting aside questions of nepotism and residency, a group of Democratic ward bosses Friday chose Ald. Walter Burnett’s son as the newest state representative from the city’s West Side.

Easterseals is not only still around — it’s big, important and based in Chicago

Easterseals has 34,000 employees in 5,000 locations worldwide, making it the largest non-profit health care organization in the United States.

Are Republicans the extremists on abortion — or is it really the Democrats?

Seven states, including Alabama, have passed abortion laws that may transgress the boundaries established by Roe v. Wade.

Will humans act fast enough to stave off climate catastrophe?

Already, the current rate of global extinction is "at least tens to hundreds of times higher than it has averaged over the past 10 million years."

After the election: being classy or being knuckle headed?

In Chicago politics, there are two ways to rapprochement. There’s the smart, classy way, and the knuckle-headed way.

Dear Boeing: Repeat after me: ‘It’s our fault. We screwed up. We’re sorry.’

Even after the technical challenges are overcome, there will be the public relations stain, one that will take much longer to scrub out.

Being a grandmother brings new meaning to Mother’s Day

SNEED:Being a grandmother has warmed me with thoughts of what it must have been like for my mother to hold her first child — me — and my only child.

‘I can’t live forever,’ 74-year-old mom of disabled daughter worries

There are no group home openings for developmentally disabled adults because the state pays so little to the nonprofits that provide these services.

Abandoned baby on Northwest Side shows kids need to learn about Safe Haven Law

Illinois has a Safe Haven Law that lets a person leave a newborn at a fire station, hospital or police station. But do kids know that?

Someone polling for an Ives challenge against Casten; Will she run?

Ives, a West Point graduate, told the Chicago Sun-Times she is not closing any doors.

Happy Mother’s Day to the woman who came into our lives nearly three decades ago

Damaged goods. Saddled with young children and a broken marriage, he felt like yesterday’s unrecyclable trash — until she came into their lives.