The Bulls lacked real depth in the middle, even with the addition of veteran Tristan Thompson, but addressing that need won’t be easy. Vucevic is a movable piece, but the return for him might not match what they really need.
The Eastern Conference championship trophy has been renamed for Bob Cousy, the Western Conference championship trophy for Oscar Robertson.
“I’m chasing my dream,” he said before a workout with the Grizzlies.
It was time to turn on the bright light and find out how DeRozan feels about topics ranging from Kobe vs. Michael and LeBron to one of his daughters wanting to go to UCLA, his rival school.
The small sample size before injuries hit was impressive, but the Bulls have one major shortcoming when compared to the East’s better teams: They lack an elite two-way player. The front office wants to maintain the core. Will that be good enough next season?
He will take a week to “chill out” before seeing his knee specialist and mapping out a plan for this summer to get back to 100%. The Bulls want to re-sign the unrestricted free agent, but LaVine will be open to all offers.
More talent, please, but not at the expense of team.
It was pretty clear by Thursday’s player exit interviews that DeMar DeRozan wants Zach LaVine to get a max deal, Nikola Vucevic wants the crew brought back for another run and Lonzo Ball just wants a healthy left knee.
The Bulls lurch into what could be a difficult offseason, with Zach LaVine having a knee problem to figure out and a max contract to go after. No doubt about it, the roster requires a good bit of reconstruction.
The better team won the first-round series, and not one member of the Bulls’ organization was going to argue that point. Now it will be about learning from the experience and building off it. And there will be plenty of time to do just that.
According to a source, LaVine has downplayed the level of discomfort he has gone through this season with the left knee and will have surgery immediately after the playoff run.
The move means the Bulls, facing playoff elimination against the Bucks, will be without a major weapon. It doesn’t help that Alex Caruso was also declared out because of a concussion.
With Alex Caruso also out for Wednesday’s game, these Bulls have found more ways to suffer than any pretty good team should.
Too much time to brood obviously has this columnist in a foul mood.
The Bulls seemed to have the defending champs on the ropes after the first two games, but things have drastically changed. In a series that has been separated by role players, Allen has been the face of Milwaukee’s dominance in that department ... boos and all.
These teams could run best-of-seven series back three times, five times, 10 times, and the squad with the better talent, size, experience, depth, discipline and togetherness would just keep winning.
Watching Williams put up 20 points and 10 rebounds was one of the few positives for the Bulls on Sunday, but coach Billy Donovan knows better than to count on the same in Game 5.
The Bulls will face elimination Wednesday night in Milwaukee, down 3-1 in the best-of-seven series to the defending NBA champions.
Not to tell coach Billy Donovan how to do his job, but we suggest dialing up a game plan that doesn’t involve falling behind by three touchdowns in the first quarter.
The former Bull showed what he’s capable of in the Bucks’ Game 3 victory Friday. He also highlighted how little of a threat Williams is offensively. If Portis declines his player option, it might behoove the Bulls to bring him back to compete against the 2020 No. 4 pick.
Here are some insults to get this thing started. But if the Bulls really want the Bucks to see them as rivals, it’s going to take a few more wins.
Bulls coach Billy Donovan warned his players heading into Game 3 that the defending NBA champions would have a response after losing Wednesday at home. The response came, and the Bulls had no answer for it, suffering the worst home playoff loss in team history.
While his offensive numbers have taken a dip from the regular season, LaVine has gone back to taking some pride on the defensive end. Maybe not to the extent where he was last summer and at the start of the regular season, but much better than the knee allowed him to do the last six weeks.
Middleton struggled through the first two games of the series against the Bulls, and now he’s out for at least the rest of the first round with a sprained medial collateral ligament in his left knee.
Not only is Caruso the head of the snake on defense, but he was the voice behind a Game 2 game plan from coach Billy Donovan that had the Bucks confused and second-guessing themselves most of the night.
Thanks to a stifling defense and 41 points from DeMar DeRozan, the visiting Bulls beat the Bucks for the first time this season, and at the most important time. They now go back to Chicago for Game 3 on Friday, and a chance to take control against the defending champions.