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Halas Intrigue
The NFL will feature eight more position-specific helmets in 2024, with the goal of protecting players from impacts most likely to occur at quarterback and offensive and defensive line.
It was a stunner this week when news hit that former White House aide Hope Hicks may testify as a prosecution witness in former President Donald Trump’s latest trial. It prompted a flashback to a 2016 Sneed column involving a phone call between Trump and Ditka that Hicks thought would cost her her job.
Gin Kilgore, acting executive director of Friends of the Parks, is not about to go along with what she called Bears President Kevin Warren’s “Buy now. This deal won’t last” sales pitch.
Frank Bilecki, executive director of the Illinois Sports Facilities Authority, said the Bears are eyeing the same portion of the hotel tax the White Sox hope to use to fund a new stadium in the South Loop.
“The next page in the playbook, if they lose this referendum, would be to threaten to move,” said Brad Humphreys, an economics professor at West Virginia University, who researches sports stadiums.
The Bears are zeroing in on what they want to do in the draft.
As has been the case for months, Williams is expected to be the No. 1 overall pick when the Bears draft on April 25.
He was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection and released Wednesday night.
In partnership with the Bears, Ledley King — who played his entire career for soccer club Tottenham Hotspur of the Premier League — traveled from England to participate in Monday’s girls flag football event at Crane, the alma mater of Bears founder George Halas.
Mayor Brandon Johnson did not commit to spending a specific amount of public money to lakefront infrastructure improvements, but vowed that whatever public money is invested, it must be committed to creating more housing and jobs and “a sustainable, clean economy.”
The Bears have spent months studying the draft. They’ll spend the next one plotting what could happen.
That the Bears can just diesel their way in, Bronko Nagurski-style, and attempt to set a sweeping agenda for the future of one of the world’s most iconic water frontages is more than a bit troubling.
Proposed referendum on November ballot could face opposition from Mayor Brandon Johnson, but he “should want what the people of Chicago want,” Pat Quinn said.
Chairman George McCaskey has long opposed the Bears being on the show. This year, the NFL can compel the team to participate.
Former Washington quarterback Griffin said in an online video last week that Williams “should pull an Eli Manning.”
Before the Bears started quizzing Williams about his USC offense — and teaching him about their own — Eberflus wanted to know more about the quarterback. For 80 minutes or so, he sat alone with Williams inside the USC football offices.
It was the latest declaration from the Bears that playing downtown — and not on the 326-acre property it bought in Arlington Heights — is their preferred course of action.
The NFL on Tuesday approved a kickoff rule that will transform the way the play looks, with the lofty goal of encouraging returns without sacrificing safety. It will take effect next season.
Three former Bears are heading to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in August. So, too, is the franchise’s current team.