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Texting and driving could soon have much higher penalties in Illinois

For accidents causing bodily harm, the penalty will raise from $75 to $1,000 and include a year-long license suspension.

You could have a personal robot follow you around and carry your things

The Illinois Senate passed a bill to pave the way for personal robots

Secretary of State’s office probing Van Pelt’s pot-related endeavors

State Sen. Patricia Van Pelt was offering paid cannabis investment seminars and leading a company that intends to obtain licenses to grow and sell marijuana while she was named a co-sponsor of the bill to legalize the drug statewide.

RTA chairman on agency’s piece of pie from Pritzker’s capital plan: It’s great, but not enough

Umbrella agency for the CTA, Metra and Pace to lobby for more state money before capital plan is finalized.

Moody’s: Illinois one of two states unprepared to weather a recession

A Moody’s report on Monday found all U.S. states are either strongly prepared or somewhat prepared for a recession. That is except Illinois and New Jersey.

Six in 10 Illinoisans want recreational pot treated ‘just like alcohol,’ poll shows

The poll comes with less than two weeks to go before the end of the legislative session — and two weeks after an anti-legalization poll showed different results.

Massive capital plan includes gas tax hike to pay for $41.5 billion in projects

A long-awaited capital plan was unveiled to key legislators Friday.

Legal pot concerns: Everything from impaired driving to erectile dysfunction?

Pro-pot legislators are still hoping to pass a bill legalizing recreational marijuana by the end of the month, but they are heading back to the negotiating table in hopes of stubbing out a flurry of objections.

Seadog organizer who called out Pritzker loses job, claims retaliation

The cruise company, once owned by Pritzker, told Billy Dean he no longer had a job with the company, a week after Pritzker sold it.

DCFS review: Information lacking, investigators and case managers not in sync

The review evaluated the state's Intact Family Services. About 85% of those cases are handled by private companies, with the rest by the state.

After troopers killed, Pritzker pushes bills to protect ‘our heroes’ on roadway

A question about Scott's Law would also be included in a written question on the driver's license test, should the legislation pass.

Rarely used Illinois law could help in fight to get tainted drugs off street

"Since 2015, 2,600 people have died just in Chicago from drug-overdoses and only one case has resulted in a drug-induced homicide case..."

Pritzker: ‘No concerns’ about fed probe of property tax appeal

An attorney for the Pritzkers said: "We are confident that any further review of the matter will show that the appropriate rules were followed."

Senate leader: Lightfoot wants to do her homework on elected school board bill

Parents groups and incoming aldermen on Monday urged passage of a measure that would enact an elected school board in Chicago.

Fact-check: Democrat blowing smoke with claim of decreased teen marijuana use

Cassidy sent us an email promising an aide would "share the studies out of Colorado," but nothing arrived as of our deadline.

Abandoned baby on Northwest Side shows kids need to learn about Safe Haven Law

Illinois has a Safe Haven Law that lets a person leave a newborn at a fire station, hospital or police station. But do kids know that?

Lowering property taxes will require lots more money from the state

No sane person would argue that property taxes are too low in this state.

FBI investigating engagement ring given to ex-Gov. Pat Quinn’s press secretary

The FBI is trying to determine who paid for the ring former Pat Quinn press secretary Brooke Anderson got from her husband Lou Bertuca, the ex-governor’s 2014 campaign manager.

Judge gave teen 76 years based on eyewitness he didn’t know was legally blind

A Cook County judge found an eyewitness persuasive in a Chicago murder case. What he — and the accused — didn’t know: The witness was legally blind.

One Central developers press for transit hub legislation

State lawmakers voiced support Thursday for the proposed One Central project near Soldier Field but made no promises about legislation.

Poll: Support for legal pot thinning

Illinois residents might not be all that high on legalizing recreational marijuana.

EDITORIAL: Just say no to Ald. Burnett’s stepson for a House seat

Ald. Walter Burnett sees nothing wrong with behind-the-scenes maneuvering to have his stepson appointed to a vacant Illinois House seat.

DCFS workers stuck with massive case overloads before AJ Freund’s beating death

In 2018 — while AJ's family was the subject of two abuse probes — one of the workers assigned to his case was overloaded for nine months of the year.

Transgender inmate seeks clemency — cites retaliation after reporting abuse

"Our understanding of this is that that the governor could make this happen tomorrow if he wanted to," said Sheila Bedi, one of Hampton's lawyers.

Springfield pension shocker! … Some ‘good news’

"This is good news arriving at a good time," Cullerton spokesman John Patterson said.

Westlake Hospital must stay open while state board’s decision is reviewed

Melrose Park succeeded in stalling the planned closing of Westlake Hospital while the village appeals a state board's decision allowing it to close.

‘Disturbing’ DCFS audit shows spike in child abuse cases, swamped caseworkers

Gov. J.B. Pritzker's office called the report a "disturbing illustration," while the newly appointed head of DCFS said it showed "serious lapses."

A graduated income tax makes sense, but Illinois has failed taxpayers for years

Illinois needs money because our government for decades did not use the tax money it received to make payments into pension systems.

‘Black and brown’ leaders: ‘We can do more together than we can do apart’

"[The issues] are identical except black people are in Cook County Jail, and Latinos are in detention centers," state Rep. Emanuel "Chris" Welch said.

Lori Lightfoot to huddle with Ivanka Trump at the White House on Tuesday

Lightfoot and President Trump "are not scheduled to meet," but that doesn't rule out the potential that there could be a meeting if Trump is so moved.

Madigan: Parts of legal pot bill ‘very controversial’ — passage ‘not guaranteed’

Madigan said the decision process for which businesses will receive new licenses would affect the vote as well.

State Rep. Moylan on recreational marijuana: Not so fast

"There's other ways to generate revenue," said state Rep. Marty Moylan, D-Des Plaines.