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Political news, including Chicago City Hall, Cook County government, Chicago and county elections, the latest from Washington and Springfield and more.

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State Supreme Court upholds city food truck restrictions

Food trucks must continue to stay 200 feet away from ground floor, brick-and-mortar restaurants, and install GPS devices.

Lightfoot tries out City Council rostrum for the first time

The new mayor is studying Roberts Rules of Order to prepare for next week’s first real test of her City Council muscle.

New assessment finds assessor’s office understaffed and low-tech

The assessor’s office has only a fraction of the people it needs to handle property valuations — with potential fixes ranging from hiring scores of new workers to outsourcing the job for as much as $88 million.

Cock-a-doodle-deferred? After ‘urban farmers’ cry foul, county tables rooster ban

Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, D-Evanston, said urban farmers were partly behind the deferral of the vote on the ban.

Trump takes his hands off the wheel

Infrastructure fix held hostage by president in effort to block oversight by Congress

Ex-CEO of Chicago bank charged with trying to trade loans for Trump post

Stephen M. Calk was arrested Thursday in New York City on a financial institution bribery charge.

Harriet Tubman $20 bill not ready for 2020 release, feds say

You won’t get your hands on a Tubman 20 until 2028 — eight years after its planned 2020 release.

County rooster ban may ruffle feathers

Cook County zoning officials didn’t want to run afoul of areas that are becoming increasingly less rural.

All 7 members of the Chicago Board of Education step down

The resignations open the door for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to appoint her own board to control Chicago Public Schools.

Under pressure, DCCC chief Bustos pulls out of fundraiser for Lipinski

Rep. Cheri Bustos, D-Ill., chair of the Democratic House political operation, withdraws from Lipinski funder after pushback from abortion-rights progressive Democrats.

Bill to demolish part of McCormick Place along lakefront gets labor support

Legislation in Springfield would add a ride-sharing tax and allow for construction of a new building over King Drive.

Underwood’s sharp questioning of DHS acting chief about migrant children deaths earns her a rebuke

Rep. Lauren Underwood, D-Ill., accused the DHS acting chief of "intentionally" backing policies causing the deaths of migrant children.

Lightfoot calls bodyguard detail controversy a ‘tempest in a teapot’

Lightfoot dismisses FOP opposition to her choice: ‘The union is never happy. Tell me something new.’

Tina Tchen refuses subpoena about her role in Jussie Smollett case, process server says

The former chief of staff to Michelle Obama evaded a subpoena Wednesday from retired Illinois Appellate Judge Sheila O’Brien.

Texting and driving could soon have much higher penalties in Illinois

For accidents causing bodily harm, the penalty will raise from $75 to $1,000 and include a year-long license suspension.

Changing of the guard at Chicago Public Library system

Outgoing Library Commissioner Brian Bannon insists a recent report critical of staff levels isn’t why he took a top library job in New York.

You could have a personal robot follow you around and carry your things

The Illinois Senate passed a bill to pave the way for personal robots

Son of former Burke ally accuses him of ethics violation

The alderman is alleged to have presided over workers’ comp claims for members of eight unions represented by his law firm.

House hearing gets heated over detained migrant children’s deaths

A 2-year-old child died last week after he and his mother were detained by the Border Patrol.

Pelosi: Trump ‘engaged in a cover up’

Pelosi has said she believes Trump is "goading" Democrats into impeachment.

Kamala Harris proposes bill to address racial bias in maternal care

The bill is aimed at improving medical care for groups of women who, research suggests, might be denied first rate care because of their race.

Secretary of State’s office probing Van Pelt’s pot-related endeavors

State Sen. Patricia Van Pelt was offering paid cannabis investment seminars and leading a company that intends to obtain licenses to grow and sell marijuana while she was named a co-sponsor of the bill to legalize the drug statewide.

Ald. Beale, don’t forget Ald. Hutchinson and that wheelchair

It’s the story of a Chicago alderman who crossed a popular mayor and paid dearly for it.

Lightfoot will have the votes to deliver City Council reorganization plan, harshest critic says

But Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) said Lightfoot will pay a price when the tough votes come for the strident tone of her inaugural address

Lightfoot’s first full day as Chicago mayor

After seeing her 90-year-old mom off at the airport, the new mayor spent part of her first full day delivering a message of collaboration to a cabinet that is not her own.

Democrats call for impeachment as ex-White House lawyer defies subpoena

"We are confronting what might be the largest, broadest cover-up in American history," Democrat and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer told reporters.

RTA chairman on agency’s piece of pie from Pritzker’s capital plan: It’s great, but not enough

Umbrella agency for the CTA, Metra and Pace to lobby for more state money before capital plan is finalized.

2020 Democrats’ ‘Medicare for All’ promises leap beyond model countries’ healthcare

While other countries do guarantee coverage for all, the benefits vary significantly.

Rahm Emanuel becomes contributing editor for The Atlantic, ABC News contributor

The former Chicago mayor has contributed 12 articles for the publication since October 2018.

Hundreds file through City Hall to meet Lightfoot

After Monday’s historic inauguration of Chicago’s first black woman and first openly gay mayor, hundreds of folks from throughout Chicago and suburban cities converged on City Hall to meet Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Former Richard J. Daley critic defends Lightfoot for keeping aldermen ‘reasonably frightened’

"The aldermen need to be reasonably frightened of the mayor. They need to know that she’s not gonna put up with them getting off the reservation too often," Simpson said before Monday’s inauguration ceremony at Wintrust Arena.