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Former Corporation Counsel Mara Georges allegedly made statements to a city official that were “prejudicial, generally unsupported, and contained hearsay and slander,” according to the complaint to Illinois’ attorney oversight commission.
Three watchdog groups have sent the mayor a letter, suggesting changes in how the council and its committees operate.
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After three years of behind-the-scenes planning, trash hauler LRS scraps an idea to send waste down to Central Illinois from the Sanitary and Ship Canal.
Former Inspector General Joseph Ferguson, now president of the Civic Federation, told the Sun-Times that details of the new deal indicate the City Council ‘probably should be vetting and approving this thing’ and not ‘just sort of play along with the mayor.’
Dorval Carter Jr. got a rough ride from CTA riders — but a markedly smoother one from the City Council’s Transportation Committee after recent efforts to increase hiring and promises to bolster service.
A Cook County judge ruled the ballot question is invalid. But advocates and opponents say voters should still weigh in on the referendum.
Mayor Brandon’s Johnson’s administration negotiated an extension under less favorable terms than the original deal, which could violate city code, sources say. But the city’s Law Department says “a myriad of code provisions” permit the mayor’s extension.
Hours after Circuit Judge Kathleen Burke declared the binding referendum invalid, the city filed a motion asking Burke to stay both her ruling and her decision to deny the city’s petition to intervene in the case “while the city appeals” those rulings.
Judge Michael T. Mullen on Monday lifted a freeze on proceedings before the Chicago Police Board. He said he will rule on the case March 20.
Loyce Wright, 43, was inside the Family Dollar at 5410 W. Chicago Ave. about 1:40 p.m. when a person walked up to him and fired shots, Chicago police and the Cook County medical examiner’s office said.
It began in 1970 with the death of Illinois Secretary of State Paul Powell, a colorful old school downstate pol known for cutting deals that benefited southern Illinois — and himself. And the long tawdry saga could soon see its final chapter with the expected sale of a country home in Vienna, Ill.
Voters would be asked to authorize the City Council to alter the real estate transfer tax and use the proceeds to generate $100 million a year to combat homelessness.
After a four-year standoff, the governor’s deal with the U.S. EPA commits Illinois to weighing the likely environmental impact before allowing more polluting industry to move to low-income neighborhoods already burdened by environmental and social stresses.
Marlene Hopkins oversaw the 2020 Crawford plant demolition that coated the community in dust.
As the White Sox and Bulls owner seeks $1 billion in state funding for a new South Loop ballpark, he’s spending big to gobble up lots around the Bulls’ home, records show.
WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling, namesake of ‘Skilling It,’ was on hand for the unveiling of six newly named snow plows at the Department of Streets and Sanitation’s salt dome. One will be deployed in each of the department’s districts.
Johnson announced last week that the city planned to shut down the gunshot detection system after the historically violent summer months and the Democratic National Convention, making good on a key campaign promise.
Cubs spokesman Julian Green said an update of a 20-year-old rooftop ordinance that authorized beer and wine sales only for baseball games is long overdue.
CPS, in a separate vote, opted to drop janitorial giant Aramark as the district’s cleaning provider.
But the argument is less compelling and believable now than it was in the late 1980s, when St. Petersburg, Florida, was already building a stadium for the team.
Mayor Brandon Johnson’s zipped lip makes him putty in the media’s hands.
One day after Sox Chairman Jerry Reinsdorf traveled to Springfield seeking $1 billion in state funding, Johnson was considerably more receptive to the idea of using tax revenue for new stadiums than state officials have been.
Ald. Matt O’Shea described overflowing dumpsters and litter-strewn parking lots, broken fences and light fixtures and tipped-over shopping carts. But “in a predominantly white suburb, I don’t see that. I see clean, well-maintained stores and parking lots,” O’Shea said.
The battle over police discipline stems from an arbitrator’s finding that state labor law affords the union’s rank-and-file members the right to seek “final and binding arbitration,” like other public sector employees.
Johnson’s signature plan would rely on letting dozens of the city’s tax increment financing districts expire, using that money to repay the debt.
In a letter to City Council Black Caucus Chair Stephanie Coleman, Ald. Desmon Yancy alleged that he was the ‘victim of an unprovoked assault’ by Mitchell after a council hearing last week. Mitchell denies the claim, and police called the situation a “non-criminal incident.”