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City Hall

The most thorough coverage of Chicago’s City Hall. Get the latest scoops on Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her administration as well as the latest news affecting City of Chicago workers.

Lightfoot tries out City Council rostrum for the first time

The new mayor is studying Roberts Rules of Order to prepare for next week’s first real test of her City Council muscle.

New assessment finds assessor’s office understaffed and low-tech

The assessor’s office has only a fraction of the people it needs to handle property valuations — with potential fixes ranging from hiring scores of new workers to outsourcing the job for as much as $88 million.

Cock-a-doodle-deferred? After ‘urban farmers’ cry foul, county tables rooster ban

Cook County Commissioner Larry Suffredin, D-Evanston, said urban farmers were partly behind the deferral of the vote on the ban.

New mayor’s strategy for Memorial Day weekend: ‘flooding the zone’ to keep violence in check

The "Our City. Our Safety." plan includes more than 100 youth programs, activities and community events over the three days.

County rooster ban may ruffle feathers

Cook County zoning officials didn’t want to run afoul of areas that are becoming increasingly less rural.

All 7 members of the Chicago Board of Education step down

The resignations open the door for Mayor Lori Lightfoot to appoint her own board to control Chicago Public Schools.

Lightfoot calls bodyguard detail controversy a ‘tempest in a teapot’

Lightfoot dismisses FOP opposition to her choice: ‘The union is never happy. Tell me something new.’

Changing of the guard at Chicago Public Library system

Outgoing Library Commissioner Brian Bannon insists a recent report critical of staff levels isn’t why he took a top library job in New York.

Police unveil virtual reality equipment to train for handling calls of mental health crises

Officers using VR headsets encounter young men with special needs and others having schizophrenic episodes.

Son of former Burke ally accuses him of ethics violation

The alderman is alleged to have presided over workers’ comp claims for members of eight unions represented by his law firm.

Ald. Beale, don’t forget Ald. Hutchinson and that wheelchair

It’s the story of a Chicago alderman who crossed a popular mayor and paid dearly for it.

Lightfoot will have the votes to deliver City Council reorganization plan, harshest critic says

But Ald. Ray Lopez (15th) said Lightfoot will pay a price when the tough votes come for the strident tone of her inaugural address

Lightfoot’s first full day as Chicago mayor

After seeing her 90-year-old mom off at the airport, the new mayor spent part of her first full day delivering a message of collaboration to a cabinet that is not her own.

Hundreds file through City Hall to meet Lightfoot

After Monday’s historic inauguration of Chicago’s first black woman and first openly gay mayor, hundreds of folks from throughout Chicago and suburban cities converged on City Hall to meet Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Former Richard J. Daley critic defends Lightfoot for keeping aldermen ‘reasonably frightened’

"The aldermen need to be reasonably frightened of the mayor. They need to know that she’s not gonna put up with them getting off the reservation too often," Simpson said before Monday’s inauguration ceremony at Wintrust Arena.

Lightfoot, sworn in as Chicago mayor, quickly delivers on campaign promise

Thousands gathered at Wintrust Arena to witness the inauguration of Chicago’s first openly gay and African-American female mayor. After inaugural festivities, she quickly made good on a key campaign pledge.

Lightfoot makes aldermen squirm on day one

She started by using her inauguration speech to give the aldermen a visual demonstration that the public is on her side in her call for reform, employing the audience at the Wintrust Arena to help make them squirm.

Lightfoot’s Ohio hometown shows up to witness her historic swearing-in

Lori Lightfoot’s mother and family weren’t the only Massillonians to attend the inauguration — Massillon Ohio’s mayor and high school journalism students also witnessed the swearing-in.

Lightfoot turns to retired U.S. marshal to lead security detail

The mayor’s security detail has been traditionally run by active-duty Chicago Police Department officials.

New City Council sworn in: ‘We have to restore the trust’

Many of the newcomers, who campaigned on a platform of change, saw Lightfoot’s speech — and the promises she made — as the first step in a progressive agenda they hope will make the city work for all residents.

Lightfoot sworn in: ‘Get ready … reform is here’

First African American female and first gay mayor of Chicago takes the oath of office at Wintrust Arena.

Share the wealth: Group says booming downtown can help the neighborhoods

The Chicago Central Area Committee hopes to focus discussions on ideas it believes will radiate downtown’s dynamism into underserved areas.

Lightfoot’s inaugural address could set the tone — or draw the line

Harold Washington wanted no more "business as usual." The result: Council Wars. How will Lightfoot’s call to action be received?

Meet the new City Council

A new mayor and a dozen new aldermen take their seats Monday. Here’s everything you need to know about all 50 wards.

Rahm Emanuel cheered on way out of City Hall as term nears its end

The mayor was elected to two terms, then upended the local political landscape last year when he announced he would not seek a third.

Mayor Sanctuary?

ANALYSIS: Rahm Emanuel made Chicago a safer place for immigrants, but he was often a follower — not a leader — in the city’s immigrant rights movement

Lightfoot says she’s inheriting shortfall ‘worse’ than $700 million

The mayor-elect says that deficit figure is not nearly high enough. It was an ominous warning that appeared to go beyond the familiar script.

Audit: Burke did little to detect bogus injury claims

City Hall could save millions of dollars by tightening up workers’ compensation rules and regulations, audit says

Lightfoot orders end to water shut-offs; calls them ‘a heartless act’

Ending water shut-offs was among hundreds of recommendations in a report by the transition team that the mayor-elect promised would not gather dust.

Judge denies challenger’s bid to stop Hairston swearing-in

Circuit Court Judge LaGuina Clay-Herron denied William Calloway’s motion for a temporary restraining order to stop 5th Ward Ald. Leslie Hairston from being sworn in Monday.

Laquan McDonald changed everything for Mayor Rahm Emanuel — and the police

ANALYSIS: Changes in the Chicago Police Department under Emanuel’s watch were largely spurred by one thing: the police shooting of the 17-year-old.

Mayor-elect Lightfoot joins ‘The Fran Spielman Show’ days before inauguration

Discussing her first 100 days, changes in City Council and Chicago’s much-maligned parking meter deal, Lightfoot is ready to get to work.