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Environmental community groups issued a list of demands Monday as they continue to seek answers about the demolition of a smokestack at the former Crawford Coal Plant.
“You’re really making clean energy the standard for buildings and for residents throughout our city,” Gov. J.B. Pritzker said at a news conference at the Chicago Urban League.
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The agency is investigating after a management company forced activists who’d been at the house since January to leave the property.
“Right here and right now, we take this day back,” Chicago police Supt. David Brown said during the ceremony at police headquarters. “We honor Officer French, who lived, and lift up the lives she touched.”
Police say they will provide more officers on transit, while the CTA plans to bring back its canine patrol force.
Gov. J.B. Pritzker won his fight to vacate the Shakman decree, with state lawyers telling the 7th U.S. Court of Appeals that “there is no evidence the state is considering political factors in hiring today.” But Shakman told the Sun-Times, “I respectfully disagree with their decision today.”
Monkeypox cases have been detected across 55 of Chicago’s 77 community areas, and while most have emerged among men who have sex with men, officials stress that anyone can become infected through close contact.
“We’re recruiting. We’re hiring. We’re offering special incentives. We’re doing all of the things that we can,” said CTA President Dorval Carter Jr.
The public outdoor plazas will be funded by the Chicago Recovery Program. Eight out of 10 of the proposed plazas are on the city’s South and West sides.
Five-term Ald. Tom Tunney, chairman of the Zoning Committee, told the Sun-Times he plans to take time during the council’s August recess before deciding whether to call it quits — or even run for mayor.
The Joint Civic Committee of Italian Americans paid a security firm to prepare plans to protect statues of Christopher Columbus removed from Grant and Arrigo parks two years ago amid protests. Recommendations include cameras, motion detectors and 24-hour guards.
The mayor, in an interview Wednesday, credited a ‘multitiered’ strategy for a drop in murders and shootings and said the city needs to target late-hour bars where a lot of downtown violence is occurring.
To extend the Red Line to 130th Street, the CTA hopes to land a $2.16 billion federal grant and must come up with $1.44 billion to match it. To do that, it plans to raise $950 million through a special tax district for transit projects.
Retiring U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., who led protests after the Target closing was announced, had the gleeful final word at a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the call center.
The terms are not as generous as in a new 10-year extension with Lollapalooza, but the mayor said it “doesn’t make sense” to compare the events, calling the music festival a “phenomenon unto itself.”
The certified annual financial report for 2021 shows Chicago closed the books on 2021 with a total fund balance of $679.1 million
The mayor made the announcement onstage to throngs of screaming fans, appearing alongside festival founder Perry Farrell.
Alderpersons Pat Dowell (3rd), Sophia King (4th) and Brendan Reilly (42nd) are upset NASCAR could occupy part of Grant Park for two weeks next summer.
An administrative law judge agreed that the owner of the Point could not have “reasonably anticipated” the actions of the patron — but he still backed the city.
Health Commissioner Dr. Allison Arwady defended signs her department posted at Lolla, urging attendees to test their drugs and have Narcan, used to treat overdoses. But Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she was “compelled as the mother of a 14-year-old to say, ‘Don’t even experiment.”
Wilson is determined to turn the tide of voter apathy before the February mayoral election, which will be his second attempt to win the office.
Greencorps Chicago Youth Program are in eight schools that are building between 40 and 60 bikes each for the city’s newest initiative to deploy free bikes and safety equipment across Chicago.
The order prohibits CPD or other local government agencies from collaborating to criminalize women who come to Chicago seeking abortions banned in their home states — or medical providers and others who assist them.
The George Washington High School teachers who led protests against General Iron’s move to the Southeast Side will get warnings instead.