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Boston group sparks outrage with plans to host ‘Straight Pride’ parade

June is Pride Month, historically a time to celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer history.

Chicago-based gay tour company’s trip to Ethiopia in doubt after threats

Toto Tours ‘Treasures of Ethiopia’ is planned for October.

Ralla Klepak, Chicago lawyer who championed LGBTQ rights, has died at 82

A member of the Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame, she was an attorney for Mattachine Midwest, one of the city’s first gay rights organizations.

‘Falsettos’ remains a brilliant work, timeless and provocative and fabulously mundane

James Lapine has gifted us with a story that tackles huge, everlasting themes through contemporary, idiosyncratic individuals.

Sufjan Stevens releases two new songs for Pride month

‘Love Yourself’ was 20 years in the making, ‘With My Whole Heart’ is a new composition.

Chicago’s gay community celebrates rainbow-painted crosswalks

Fourteen crosswalks in Boystown will be painted in rainbow stripes when the project is finished.

House passes sweeping LGBTQ rights bill

Protections against discrimination would extend to employment, housing, loan applications, education, public accommodations and other areas.

Transgender inmate seeks clemency — cites retaliation after reporting abuse

"Our understanding of this is that that the governor could make this happen tomorrow if he wanted to," said Sheila Bedi, one of Hampton's lawyers.

Chicago Police Department failing transgender community: report

A new report finds Chicago is among 25 big-city police departments that fails to adequately protect the rights of transgender people.

A town’s pride: This little steel city in Ohio forged Chicago’s next mayor

Here in this tough old steel town, she’s still the daughter of Ann Lightfoot, remembered as bright, motivated, hard-working, easy to get along with.

Transgender women sue to fight state laws on name changes after convictions

Lawsuits challenge Illinois, Wisconsin laws that block name changes for a decade or more after convictions. Transgender women say the laws prompt harassment, abuse.

Illinois, Wisconsin sued over transgender name-change laws

Both lawsuits argue that the states are violating free speech rights and are preventing people from expressing how they identify themselves.

United Methodists edge toward breakup over LGBT policies

America's largest mainline Protestant denomination is on a path toward likely breakup over differences on same-sex marriage and ordination of LGBT pastors.

Women at the helm: Unique opportunity to ‘right the ship’

Will women of color at the helm reshape Chicago politics? Will they pursue new policy positions? Will they set the tone for a change in politics?

Taylor Swift donates $113K to Tennessee LGBTQ advocacy group

Taylor Swift donated $113,000 to Tennessee Equality Project for their efforts to fight contentious bills moving in the states General Assembly.

Universal themes of resistance, identity centered in Chicago Latino Film Fest

The 35th festival's curated selection from all over Latin America continues to highlight themes of social justice.

Kim English, Chicago singer whose dance hits fueled house music scene, has died

Kim English, octave-skipping singer with 8 No. 1 Billboard dance hits, has died at 48 while on transplant list awaiting a new kidney.

To Chicago’s next mayor: Words of anticipation, hope from black women

Women from across the city share their support, expectations and what challenges they anticipate for the first black woman to become Chicago's mayor.

Kim Foxx calls evidence ‘uncertain’ in latest twist of strange Smollett saga

Here's a breakdown of some of the seemingly strange elements of Smollett's case.

A head fake: Trump’s tweet for DOJ, FBI ‘to review’ Smollett case

Trump is using the explosive Smollett controversy and questions about "celebrity" justice and what’s going on in Chicago to appeal to his voters.

Smollett, Mueller and the news cycle that has eroded public trust

Over the last half century, trust in a number of public institutions, especially the government, has declined.

5th Ward candidate Calloway discusses past homophobic Facebook posts

Activist William Calloway says he takes full responsibility and accountability for the comments, though he doesn’t "stand by those words anymore."

Lightfoot condemns anti-gay flyer handed out near churches

The flip side of the flyer says, among other things, "ALL CONTRACTS, JOBS AND EMPLOYMENT NEWLY ASSIGNED EXCLUSIVELY GAY PEOPLE!"

Don’t be scared; they’re only homeless young people — they don’t bite

If more than 21 young people — mostly from the LGBTQ community — seek overnight refuge at the Crib, they draw lots. The losers must leave.

Sen. Duckworth warns military may find itself short of recruits

It could expand if more youths were physically fit; non-citizen immigrants were welcome; and discrimination against transgender troops ended, she said

Is Chicago as open-minded as we want to believe? We’re going to find out

If Barack Obama taught us one thing, it is that those announcing the end of prejudice in our country have a habit of being outed as overly optimistic.

Trans athletes make great gains, yet resentment still flares

Transgender athletes are breaking barriers, but resentments can still flare when transgender women start winning and dominating their sport.

United Methodists braces for possible split over LGBT issues

At the heart of the ideological conflict is an official UMC policy, dating from 1972, asserting that "the practice of homosexuality is incompatible with Christian teaching."

Jussie Smollett situation reminds us: An example is not proof

If I want to illustrate that America is a deeply racist country, I don't need a street incident to make my case. I can just flop open a history book.

Trump calls Jussie Smollett attack ‘horrible,’ family calls it ‘domestic terrorism’

"That I can tell you was horrible," Trump told reporters in the Oval Office. "It doesn't get worse as far as I'm concerned."

Rush asks for FBI hate crime investigation into attack of ‘Empire’ star

"Crimes of this nature strike fear at the very core of a community and have a long-lasting impact on its members," Rep. Bobby Rush wrote to FBI.

Studious Chicagoan, Season 10’s ‘Miss Vanjie’ to compete on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’

Host reveals the VH1 show's "new crop of killer queens."