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EDITORIAL: Trump’s constant immigration abuses call for public outrage

America has lost its moral compass on immigration. Desperate people, guilty of nothing more than being here illegally, or fleeing violence and poverty to find a better life, are treated like hardened criminals.

EDITORIAL: Fight back against Trump’s attack on unions and home health care workers

The administration’s new Medicaid rule is insidiously discriminatory by targeting low-wage workers in a field dominated by women and minorities.

EDITORIAL: ‘Adversity score’ gives kids from tough worlds a fairer shot at college

The College Board’s new rating gives colleges more context to judge an applicant’s test scores and grades. We support it.

EDITORIAL: ‘Fix the FOID Act’ bill could have saved lives in Aurora

None of the modest measures being proposed in this legislation would impose an undue burden on anybody’s Second Amendment rights. But they might have saved the lives of five people in Aurora on Feb. 15, 2019.

EDITORIAL: What will it take for government to put the environment first?

Studies keep rolling in that say climate change is a crisis. But you’d never know it from the foot-dragging in Springfield and Washington.

EDITORIAL: Illinois lawmakers must protect women’s reproductive rights

The Reproductive Health Act would keep abortion and reproductive care safe and accessible by repealing decades-old laws that restrict, and in some cases criminalize, abortion.

EDITORIAL: Lightfoot needs all of us to help her build city of fairness, hope

The new mayor is asking the City Council to reinvent itself and become a true collaborator in governing. For that matter, she is asking the same of us.

EDITORIAL: Quit overcharging women for auto insurance

A Sun-Times investigation found that being a woman can add $370 a year to an insurance quote — even for a woman who has a spotless driving record.

EDITORIAL: Young people say that better neighborhood schools belong ‘On the Table’

The inequities they describe are worth the attention of the new administration.

EDITORIAL: Chicago is better today because Rahm Emanuel was mayor

Yes, the man had his faults. But he took on the big jobs, got things done — and took the heat. On that score, we’re confident historians will agree.

EDITORIAL: Keep coal ash out of water supplies across Illinois

Illinois holds the unfortunate title as the state with the most coal ash pits. Let’s make sure those pits don’t contaminate our environment.

EDITORIAL: Set a speed limit on the Lakefront Trail so we can shout ‘Slow down!’

A limit of 20 miles an hour would, at the very least, make speedy cyclists more safety conscious.

Don’t back off, Mayor-elect Lightfoot, in ending aldermanic prerogative

Time should be up on respecting the unwritten power of aldermen to call the shots in their wards. Many have abused those powers over and over.

EDITORIAL: If justice is blind, Cook County will review 8-year-old murder case

This latest case requires a thorough investigation if the public is to have confidence in the criminal justice system.

EDITORIAL: Plastic found in Chicago River fish shows we still have a ways to go

A strong commitment to protecting the Chicago River, with zero tolerance for litter and sewage, belongs on the incoming mayor's agenda.

EDITORIAL: Before one more bridge crumbles, Illinois better budget for repairs

Before the Legislature adjourns in the coming weeks, it needs to deliver a bill that starts fixing up Illinois.

EDITORIAL: And now it’s your turn, Governor, to do more to save Illinois children

If our state can find money to fix crumbling bridges and roads, then surely the state can do the same to repair crumbling families and keep kids safe.

EDITORIAL: Become a Sun-Times book buddy and give a child the gift of reading

If you love reading, we know you can name a favorite book from childhood. A book that might have started it all.

EDITORIAL: Just say no to Ald. Burnett’s stepson for a House seat

Ald. Walter Burnett sees nothing wrong with behind-the-scenes maneuvering to have his stepson appointed to a vacant Illinois House seat.

EDITORIAL: This time, the Cubs get response to racism right

If the intent was racist in nature, as it is when the gesture is used by white supremacists, that’s intolerable.

EDITORIAL: What we see in Sandra Bland’s cellphone video

The video, recorded by Bland on her cellphone, adds to the evidence that Trooper Brian Encinia was never in danger, as he claimed.

EDITORIAL: Please, Congress, deliver us from robocall harassment

Last year, Chicago ranked fourth among American cities plagued by robocalls. Why should people so eager to abuse technology be allowed a free hand?

EDITORIAL: A prison sentence that feels right for a hapless would-be terrorist

Plenty of observers will engage in second-guessing, most likely, but Coleman struck a sensible balance in a difficult case.

EDITORIAL: Before the Good Ship Cannabis sets sail, stop up every possible leak

At this point, the marijuana legislation looks like a solid effort to capitalize on the positive potential of a new law. It needs to stay that way.

EDITORIAL: We can do more for Chicago’s gifted students

Chicago Public Schools should be ambitious and inclusive with its final proposal for offering accelerated classes to gifted students.

EDITORIAL: Should parks boss Mike Kelly go? Follow the facts, not a crummy report

Any decision on who runs the parks, in our view, should not rest on erroneous assumptions by the Friends of the Parks.

EDITORIAL: Illinois’ estate tax is the American way — let’s keep it

The estate tax is not a "death tax." Can we be honest about that? It is not a tax on a dead person. It is a tax on inherited great wealth.

EDITORIAL: One Central — a grand test case in how to grow Chicago for everyone

One Central should hold appeal for anybody who understands that growth and development are essential to Chicago's future. If it's done right.

EDITORIAL: A fix for Chicago’s car impoundment system is long overdue

A top-to-bottom review of the impoundment program is in order. No one should lose their car because someone else drove it and broke the law.

A fond goodbye to the Heartland Cafe

Most of all, we'll miss the community vibe, this feeling that everybody was welcomed as long as they understood that everybody was welcomed.

EDITORIAL: Advice from ‘armpit’ America: Keep Stephen Moore away from the Fed

In Moore's world, a woman should not make more money than her husband because, you know, it could be the ruin of the American family. This is crazy.

EDITORIAL: Let the public, not a law, push corporate boards to be more diverse

Illinois lawmakers are considering a bill to require companies to have women and people of color on boards. We want more diversity, but not via a law.