Blair Sheade

<p>Among the eight teams left in the NBA Playoffs, the Chicago Bulls were the last team to win an NBA Championship in 1998. </p>
<p>After the 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild in Game 2, the Chicago Blackhawks have a 2-0 series lead. </p>
<p>The Cubs supported the Blackhawks in their game two win against the Minnesota Wild by wearing customized sweaters on the plane to St. Louis. </p>
<p>Chicago Bulls forward Joakim Noah and Cleveland Cavaliers forward LeBron James have history of disliking each other. </p>
<p>The Chicago Bulls came ready to shoot, and started hot against the Cleveland Cavaliers, especially beyond the arc. </p>
<p>Farnsworth says playing minor-league football in Florida is just a way to keep him in shape for baseball.</p>
<p>Chicago Blackhawks win game 3, take 3-0 lead over Minnesota Wild</p>
<p>Ex-Cubs reliever Kyle Farnsworth retired in 2014 after 16 seasons, and joined a minor-league football league.</p>
<p>Verlander and girlfriend-super model Kate Upton went to dinner at Chicago Cut.</p>