U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush

U.S. Representative
A new civilian conservation corps for the 21st century would create jobs to improve our parks and public lands.
The governor has a great opportunity to narrow the pandemic’s inequality gap by getting behind a project in Joliet that would create 10,000 permanent jobs.
Black people will continue to die at disproportionally higher rates than white Americans as a result of COVID-19. It is imperative that black Americans remain hypervigilant.
Not only were her comments factually inaccurate, but they did nothing to heal the wounds of our community or nation — or to address the root issues.
When Target made public its callous decision to close its stores in Chatham and Morgan Park, many residents of Chicago’s South Side were shocked and angered.
For those Chicagoans impacted daily by gun violence and economic inequality, it is imperative to have a leader whom they can trust completely.
There is no safe level of lead exposure for our kids, and this should not be a political or partisan issue.