Gordon Wittenmyer

Chicago Cubs reporter

Gordon Wittenmyer covers the Chicago Cubs for the Chicago Sun-Times.

Culture, continuity have led to sustained success, something that has eluded the Cubs.
MLB outlawed extreme infield shifts, so will outfielders be used to circumvent the rule change?
“I’ve seen a lot,” Rizzo said. “I’ve seen this whole operation grow. And it’s like family.”
“It’s hard to even fast-forward to next week and understand where our country’s going to be at that point,” said Cubs coach Mike Borzello, who was in New York on 9/11.
If conditions become safe enough to start an abbreviated season at some point, teams with injury cases and depth issues could be among the bigger beneficiaries.
Will there even be a season? “I’ve explained it as a bad rain delay,” Bote said, describing bad-weather days that look impossible for baseball despite continual delays into the wee hours. “Now it’s 1 in the morning, now it’s 2 in the morning, and, ‘Oh, this game’s not going to get played. Go home.’ “
“I think there’ll be a season,” Anthony Rizzo said. “Hopefully. If there’s not, then obviously our world’s not in a good spot. This is bigger than baseball.”
Anticipated transaction and roster freezes might also put a potential contract extension for Cubs shortstop Javy Baez on hold.
The chances of playing a 162-game schedule are slim to none, and the national state of emergency could impact major-league player contracts.