John Grochowski | For the Sun-Times

The 28-player list includes leading returning vote-getter Scott Rolen, top newcomer Carlos Beltran and Alex Rodriguez, whose support has been limited by his admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs.
With an AL-record 62 home runs and a 207 weighted runs created plus, Judge turned in one of the best offensive seasons since Barry Bonds last ran roughshod over major-league pitching.
Baseball by the numbers: Fewer home runs and fewer baserunners have brought on a big chill.
An upswing in the last month has positioned him among the better Cubs rookies of the expansion era, which started in 1961.
Yes, his home runs are down, but a hitter can’t control how often his teammates reach base.
Baseball by the numbers: One-hitter earned a game score of 90, tied for 5th in the majors this season.
Contreras joins Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Javy Baez as the fourth player from the 2016 World Series champs to accomplish the feat.
Despite the Sox’ relatively high batting average, deficits in secondary average and isolated power are holding their offense down.
Cease’s performance this season has been stellar, and the metrics support why that is.