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Kenneth J. Wadas has been reversed 25 times in 6 years — more than any other Cook County criminal court judge on the November ballot running to remain in office.
Cook County judges Margaret Ann Brennan, Patrick J. Sherlock, Kenneth J. Wadas and Anna Helen Demacopoulos have had rulings reversed on appeal more than 3 times as often as their colleagues.
El juez del Condado de Cook enfrentó la posibilidad de ser expulsado de su cargo el martes por “evidencia clara y convincente” de comportamiento inapropiado y de acoso hacia las mujeres.
Cook County judge faced the prospect of being booted from office Tuesday over ‘clear and convincing evidence’ of inappropriate, harassing behavior toward women.
Mauricio Araujo, Jackie Portman-Brown have been removed from their courtrooms while state judicial ethics authorities decide their fates. Each still is paid $204,000 a year.
The practice of putting up sham candidates, running not to win but to confuse voters to benefit the Democratic Party’s pick, goes back decades in Cook County politics.
Secret vote by circuit judges gives new, 4-year terms to 137 other associate judges, including another rated unqualified.
Whether associate judges get to keep their seats is solely up to a secret vote of circuit judges