Lu Calzada

For over a decade, Anne Heisler made cakes look just right. Now, the Humboldt Park resident puts her talents to work with a different type of art.
‘I was trapped in my apartment, me and my wife, and we had a small apartment. And it was lonely, and I was looking forward to getting out of it and starting life over.’
The work — called ‘Somos Pilsen,’ in English ‘We are Pilsen’ — features faces of 46 people connected to the area.
It was just a wall ‘on the side of a rundown store until we had a chance to actually throw some historical figures on there, some superheroes,’ one of the artists says, ‘showing the youth that you can be whatever you want to.’
‘I could just be the dog guy who paints the dogs,’ says Uprizn Ikpemi, who frequently finds a way to work his pets into his murals.
Tired of the gang graffiti there, Arielle Acevedo came up with the idea of painting the viaduct walls at 49th Street and Damen Avenue.
‘There’s a lot of great things that happen on the South Side and great stories that don’t get told,’ says artist Joe Nelson. ‘And I’m happy to contribute to some of the great things.’
Xōchipilli overlooks Harrison Park in a towering painting by the artist SENKOE. He says rediscovering ancient stories helps people ‘reform what it is to be Mexican.’
Magen Sabo wanted something attention-grabbing for her new business. Her artist friend Won Kim provided it, collaborating with rawooh, another Chicago artist.