Michael Sneed


Michael Sneed is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Sneed: Former governor says city should ‘play hardball’ over deal to compensate customers for scandal
SNEED: The decision is likely between the Windy City and the Big Apple, with crime and fundraising a factor for both
Sneed: Unflappable Elizabeth II, who reigned in Britain for 70 years, was not one to complain or explain.
SNEED EXCLUSIVE: Americans for Prosperity will propose an ordinance that prevents Arlington Heights from using any government subsidies to lure the Bears.
The Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed was in England after Diana’s Aug. 31, 1997, death to cover the outpouring of grief and services for the beloved icon.
Sneed: Former alderman, now imprisoned, for his whole life stuck to his ward, his roots and — most of all — his family.
SNEED EXCLUSIVE: A new poll shows that more than two-thirds of voters in the northwest suburb say the Bears shouldn’t get a dime of taxpayer money if they decide to leave Soldier Field for Arlington Heights.
Sneed: Former president may be on verge of declaring he is running again.
Sneed: In fundraising item, a large image of the former president is surrounded by multiple smaller ones.