Michael Sneed


Michael Sneed is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

My travels to every continent but Australia were not driven totally by my efforts to see the incredible light show. But for years, I had quietly chased the northern lights, It’s at the top of my bucket list — still.
Now that I am 80 years old and climbing an actuarial table, Mom’s memory blossoms in my garden of her favorite pale pink roses, creeping into the quiet of my living room at dusk. I’m flooded with memories of her boundless affection, strict but quiet parenting, and some of the questions I had failed to ask.
On Aug. 20,1972, this reporter was assigned to cover the hordes of hippies, yippies, women’s libbers, Marxists, gay rights advocates, Black Panthers, and anti-Vietnam war vets tenting, talking, and toking it up in Miami’s Flamingo Park before the Republican National Convention kicked off.
“I remember coming out of my apartment one day and spotting Chicago cops dragging young protesters out of one section of Lincoln Park and shoving them into trucks, while nearby poet Allen Ginsberg was chanting in a circle of peaceful protesters not far away from the radical Abby Hoffman,” remembers Dan Webb, who later became a U.S. attorney.
In 1930, a 15-year-old Harry Caray was living in St. Louis when the city hosted an aircraft exhibition honoring aviator Charles Lindbergh. “The ‘first ever’ cow to fly in an airplane was introduced at the exhibition,” said Grant DePorter, Harry Caray restaurants manager. “She became the most famous cow in the world at the time and is still listed among the most famous bovines along with Mrs. O’Leary’s cow and ‘Elsie the cow.’”
In an exclusive interview, Dan K. Webb, who was in charge of creating the vetting process for the No Labels third-party run, tells Michael Sneed “the ticket came this/close to reality weeks ago.”
It was a stunner this week when news hit that former White House aide Hope Hicks may testify as a prosecution witness in former President Donald Trump’s latest trial. It prompted a flashback to a 2016 Sneed column involving a phone call between Trump and Ditka that Hicks thought would cost her her job.
In an exclusive Sneed interview, Chicago businessman Chris Kennedy talked about not supporting the independent White House bid of his brother Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and the family’s Oval Office chat with Joe Biden.
Now that spring has officially sprung, come concerns the dreaded spotted lanternfly, a colorful leafhopper from China, is expected to add to our troubles. The invasive pests damage fruit, ornamental and woody trees by draining them of their health, causing stress and depriving them of their vitality.