Phil Kadner


Phil Kadner is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

“My country has changed in ways I could never have imagined when I was a young reporter.”
People complain about taxes. But you never hear anyone complain about the government’s rake from gambling, whether that be at casinos, the lottery or sports betting.
I realize my search for the perfect toaster seems insignificant, but I embarked on my quest after hearing on TV about the thousands of Haitian immigrants stranded at the U.S. border with Mexico. I could do nothing for them.
“This isn’t communist Russia,” they complained way back when. “The government has no right to tell us what to do.”
Every report, every true fact, is challenged by someone. Conspiracy theories abound.
I think of those U.S. Marines, the two holding infants they have saved. I think of their humanity and it makes me proud. It is simply awe-inspiring.
We live in dangerous times, former Cook County Clerk David Orr warns. Powerful forces are working to undermine our faith in customs, traditions and democracy.
I have close friends who have different views on race relations, politics, immigration, vaccinations and fighting crime. Yet, we can still talk baseball.
The congressman says he understands the fear that grips his fellow Republicans. But this is the job he signed up for.